Is Rick and Morty overrated? – Many people think so

Rick and Morty is an animated TV show that was released back in 2013, and since then it has taken the world by a storm. People all around the globe, no matter their gender, race, age, sense of humor or any other personal characteristic are absolutely crazy about the show. Since it came out, it has released 3 seasons, broke records, and amassed an unbelievably loyal and dedicated fanbase, to the point where some people are completely obsessed with it.

Rick and Morty-themed merch like t-shirts and other types of paraphernalia are so popular that they have a huge separate market of their own. You see them everywhere – colleges and universities, in the streets, at the parties – EVERYWHERE.

It even got to a point that companies started using the show as a tool for promotion. Some companies are selling Rick and Morty-themed food and drinks. Even the gambling industry has started using it. Casinos started promotional offers and mini games around Rick and Morty, where you could get specific rewards based on different episode parts and trivia of Rick and Morty. Many casinos offered Rick and Morty merchandise as a reward for winning games, or sometimes in place of cashback bonuses which were usually given out in case of having a losing week. These promotional offers were hugely successful for many of them. Playamo casino was one of the many casinos who have run all sorts of different promotions around Rick and Morty. These types of promotions are very common, and are usually done around popular TV Shows like Game of Thrones. However, Rick and Morty has completely blown all of them out of the water. Their Rick and Morty Playamo casino sign up bonus was the biggest and most successful promotional offer that they’ve run, attracting hundreds of customers, sometimes even on a daily basis. This speaks volumes on the power and respect that the show commands. There’s a huge amount of Rick and Morty-based slot games with the show’s characters as symbols, and various events from different episodes of the show.

While the increased traffic and exposure from most businesses are welcome, show’s creators have raised questions as to whether this kind of exposure is a net positive, with all the stigma and controversy that is associated with gambling in general. There’s also the issue of licensing as well, as many of the gambling companies don’t particularly bother too much with licensing and other similar aspects when using characters from different franchises in order to promote their services.

With such a high level of popularity, the show is bound to have a lot of critics. A lot of people are sick and tired of the show being worshipped to such an extent, and many even call it overrated. We do understand the frustration, but to call it overrated is an absolute sin. If you’re one of the people who agree with the ‘overrated’ sentiment but haven’t seen enough of the show yet, allow us to explain our point of view as to why we, too, consider Rick and Morty one of the greatest shows ever.

What’s the Buzz?

To understand the appeal of Rick and Morty, you have to first understand where it’s coming from. The scope and scale of the show are too big to condense into a single short explanation, but the show is basically a mixture of sci-fi and comedy, set in a world where intergalactic aliens, monsters and all sorts of weird and bizarre creatures exist and mingle with humans on a daily basis. The show’s main character is Rick Sanchez, a scientist that has all but ascended to godhood due to his unparalleled intelligence and brainpower. The second main character of the show is Morty Smith, a remarkably silly, but kind-hearted grandson of Rick.

The show follows and details the adventures of Rick and Morty, hence the name. Rick and Morty travel between planets, galaxies and even universes. The contrast between Rick’s godly intelligence and Morty’s hopeless incompetence is what makes everything interesting. Rick’s intelligence literally gives him limitless power. He has a portal gun in his pocket that can take him to any planet, galaxy, or even parallel universes. He basically controls space and time and can come up with ground-breaking inventions on the spot. In one episode, he created a device that made a dog self-aware and increased its intelligence to the point where the dog made other dogs intelligent too, conquering the whole planet and moving to a different dimension to start their own civilization. Rick came up with this device in a span of 15 seconds, in order to stop his son-in-law Jerry from bugging him.

On the other hand, you have Morty – a kid with a very common life with very common problems, who just tries to do the “right thing”, but always screws up. Morty is so silly that he can mess up situations that are seemingly impossible to mess up. Another interesting aspect of the contrast between Rick and Morty is Rick’s almost total lack of conscience as compared to Morty, whose judgment is always affected by his moral compass, albeit always at the bad time and always resulting in trouble. In the mid-season finale of the 3rd season, Morty, despite RIck’s instruction not to do so, stepped outside of Rick’s space vehicle while Rick was changing a flat tire (Yes, you read that right). While out, Morty was bitten by a space snake. Or, rather, an astronaut snake that was sent on a mission from a nearby planet that was inhabited by the snakes. Long story short, the snake died, and Morty learned of the fact that it was the only hope for the snake plants’ survival, and was now dead. Guilt and depression ensued, and without spoiling the actual episode, due to Morty’s actions, a chain of events ensued that resulted in the worst possible scenario for the planet.

These types of moments, where a single action can cause a ripple effect with absolutely bizarre consequences is one of the main reasons as to why Rick and Morty is so interesting to watch, fun and comedy aside. Speaking of comedy….

Rick and Morty is probably one of the funniest shows around

It definitely has its own unique flavor, but if you actually get a hang of it, you may find Rick and Morty to be the funniest show you have ever watched. The comedy aspect of the show is very closely tied to the bizarre and unusual events that take place in the show.

One of the main ways that the show makes you laugh is taking regular, everyday aspects and mental framework of humans’ lives and attributing them to the aliens. In other words, your average scary-looking, 4-handed, red-eyed, monster-looking alien is just as ordinary as any other human, with regular everyday problems of regular everyday people. The show also does an amazing job of portraying these human-like qualities of these radically different creatures, making for some very funny scenes.

Another one of the trademark aspects of the show’s humor is Rick’s complete lack of empathy and general nihilism towards everybody else except himself. This is not even in an evil, deliberately egotistical and selfish manner either. It’s just that due to his brain-power and intellect, he’s so disassociated with “regular” humans that he has absolutely no capability to be empathetic towards others. The show does an amazing job of portraying Rick’s intellect as both a blessing and a curse and hints at Morty being an anchor for Rick to remind himself of what little bit of humanity is left in him.

All in all, the show is so interesting and diverse, that it has something to offer for anyone. If you have seen just a few episodes and are still on the fence on whether or not you like it, do yourself a favor and give it a proper watch. You may find yourself to be surprised at what

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