Get Celebrity Style with these Simple Tips

Who doesn’t want Celeb style? From incredible fabrics to unimaginable designs, and wigs of every color – the red carpet has never been more fun and flamboyant! The real challenge is translating high-end trends and streetwear innovations to our normal-everyday-person closets. Recreating looks from our favorite icons can feel impossible when you don’t have a superstar closet budget. Don’t worry! You don’t have to snag a film deal to have a signature look that will slay your way. By embracing your unique look and following some simple tips you will feel the award show stunning for that special date!  

  • Sexy is a Feeling – Sexy is code for confident, safe, and feeling yourself! Pick a part of your body you love to show off, a color that brings out the warmer undertones in your skin, or a statement piece you think really embodies your beliefs. Real beauty comes from feeling comfortable in your own skin – we don’t think you need a full staff to accomplish that! A great way to highlight your favorite feature is by using contrast. If you have a high thigh slit consider a higher neckline. If you are wearing a classic LBD consider a Pantone azure blue lace front to bring that little black dress into 2020!

  • Communicate with Color – If you want to make a big statement without overcomplicating your look, use color to get your style across. There are two ends to the color spectrum, color pop or monochrome. When flashing a pop of your favorite hue, the classic approach is to use a neutral pallet of black, beige, or white to highlight a brighter accessory (think trendy saffron purse or crimson thigh-high boots). You could also go with a powerful monochrome – do you love pastel purples? Try a violet lace front paired with a structured violet suit

  • When you can, tailor your favorite pieces – Everyone looks better in a tailored piece of clothing, standard measurements are usually a poor estimate of the perfect fit. That said, having your entire closet fitted can really add up if you decide to tailor every piece of clothing you own. We suggest starting small – the best pieces to tailor are your pants and jackets. Things like pant length can really elevate a look and bring out the best in your piece. The rule of thumb for pants hems is at least ½ inch to ¾ of an inch from the ground to achieve supermodel long legs. For jackets and shirts, avoid bursting buttons and sleeves past the wrist. 

  • Match your accessory to your event – No one wants to lug a big bag around in a ball gown. We love an all-in-one bag for our day to day but for fancy dates or a special event opt for something smaller and with a wrist loop or a cross-body strap. Make sure you can fit your essentials (phone, cards, chapstick) or make your phone the purse with a case that you can slip your essentials into. 

  • Know Your Materials – You don’t need to be a designer to understand the care instructions for your clothing. Check out this care instruction cheat sheet, by following the care instructions you can ensure you aren’t wearing your clothing out prematurely. Understanding fabrics can also help you determine the best fit for your needs. For example, jeans that are 100% cotton denim doesn’t need to be the tightest fit, if your jeans have 20% lycra mixed in you should opt for a smaller size. The more stretch fabric an item has the more it will naturally loosen over the wearing period. For a tight fit that doesn’t budge, look for raw denim or vintage denim. For wigs make sure your synthetic styles are washable – that way you can wear them again and again. Generally, most synthetic wigs can be washed with room temperature water with a gentle shampoo. For best results, rinse your wig thoroughly and allow it to air dry on a wig stand. 

  • Do a Little Research – We live in a review culture (thanks yelp), it’s very likely that if you are considering an item, another person has already purchased it and shared their experience. By going over reviews (best and worst), and using the specs of the product you can get a fuller perspective on the quality. A little bit of research can save a lot of money and hassle on returns. 

  • When in doubt bring in the Statement Accessory – With outrageous styles trending more than ever, it’s fair to say it can be overwhelming! Deciding which statement pieces are worth splurging on is a fashionista’s number one budgeting problem. Instead of throwing your savings into a high-end neon three-piece suit or a human hair lace front, dip your toe in the water by purchasing an accessory that picks up the color or trend you want to sample. This especially applies to intense hair color, most celebrities do not perform intense color and cut experimentations on their natural hair and neither should you! Before dipping your hair in bleach or baking in a relaxer, try a high quality (low cost) synthetic lace front.   

Key Takeaway – Never Settle for Less 

Everyone deserves to express themselves in style. By taking the time to think about the details, fit, and wearability you can crack your unique look in know time. Here are things to keep in mind: 

  1. Go For It (but don’t break the bank), using a little research, imagination, and tailoring you are sure to find the right items for your budget.  

  2. Your personal style should be about you first! Don’t adopt or reject a style for a partner or a group of friends. Trust us, put yourself first. 

  3. Throw out the playbook! Anybody can wear stripes and everyone looks powerful in pink. Fashion is a visual memoir – don’t miss an opportunity to express your story.  

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