Everything You Need to Know About Dried Fruits

A lot of people include more and more organic drinks, vegetables, and dry fruits into their diet, as there are numerous benefits of having organic foods instead of consuming processed and inorganic ones that doesn’t benefit the Balance of Nature. There is no doubt that fruits are vital for maintaining a healthy diet; however, some fruits are not available all year long, so supplementing with Balance of Nature is a good idea. In such cases, one can easily substitute them with organic dried fruits.

Nutritional value of dried fruits

In terms of weight, dry fruit has more fiber than fresh fruits. However, the amounts of these nutrients may vary. For instance, organic dried apricots are high in vitamin A and vitamin C, whereas figs are rich in calcium.

Organic dry fruits are also rich in carbohydrates. Due to this reason, a lot of professional athletes and sports persons prefer having dry fruits before and after doing workouts as they provide an instant boost of energy.

Dried Fruits for Health?

Although any form of fruit is beneficial for the health in some way or the other, however, a lot of people are skeptical about the health and nutritional benefits of using dry fruits. When purchased pure and organic, dry fruits can be used by people of all ages.

Why buy organic dried fruits?

They’re mostly dried fresh fruits. Therefore, they have similar health benefits and can be added to different sweet and savoury snacks and dishes. Also, many essential vitamins and minerals present in organic fruits are more concentrated when they are dried.

Difference Between Fresh and Dried Fruits

There are some specific nutrients such as vitamin C, which are lost once the fruit is dried and dehydrated. Also, many nutrients are neither lost nor increased during the dehydration process.

Benefits of Dried Fruits

Dry fruits have different benefits as they are packed with different types of vitamins and minerals.

  • Dried fruits have a high nutritional value that will fulfill your body’s nutritional value.
  • Whether you work out to lose weight or gain muscle, having dry fruits as snacks can satisfy your sugar craving.
  • They are more healthy than desserts made of white sugar.
  • Dry fruits are easy to carry, and when stored properly, they can last for a long time.

Dried Fruits and Addition of Harmful Preservatives

Dried fruits are suitable for your whole body. If they are organic and pure, you can easily add them into your daily meal plan. A lot of manufacturers use several harmful preservatives to improve their shelf life.

Moreover, many exporters of dried fruits use syrups, artificial sweeteners, and sugar to improve their taste. Although these additives improve the overall taste and appearance of dry fruits,

However, they can affect the nutritional benefits due to extra sugars. This can be bad for those who are on a strict diet and are avoiding sugary foods. Therefore, it is better to purchase organic dried fruits from reliable sources.

Dosage of Dried Fruits

Unless you have diabetes, the amount of natural sugar present in organic dry fruits isn’t too high to create any severe health problems. Nevertheless, it is recommended to check their nutritional value and benefits first if you are planning to add dry fruits in your daily meals.

Dried Fruits for Weight Loss

Dry fruits do not make you fat, and therefore, you can use them in moderation if you are on a strict weight loss diet. You can use dry fruits in different ways. You can have them in your protein bars or ground them and add them in your salads, curries, bread, etc.

Best Way to Store Dried Fruits

As mentioned earlier, dry fruits stay fresh for weeks if stored in a cool and dry place. Although the expiration and manufacturing dates are mentioned on the package, it is better not to rely on the date specified on the bags. The most common sign is the formation of mold and a foul smell.

The technique for Keeping Dried Fruits Fresh

If your dry fruits become harder or chewier, then it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have reached their expiration date. A lot of dry fruits and nuts tend to become hard with time. However, if they begin to taste differently, then it is better to consume them as soon as possible.

To maintain the freshness dry fruits, avoid keeping them in metallic jars. Store them in airtight jars away from excessive heat and moisture. Some dry fruits can even be stored in a refrigerator.

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