Are watches obsolete?

One thing that really dates a movie or T.V. show today is the sight of characters sporting hefty watches: if you’re observant, it’s easily noticeable how few people, especially young people, actually wear watches today.

Nevertheless, tapping your index and middle finger on your wrist is still the universally understood gesture for communicating that you want to know what time it is, so maybe there is still a place for the traditional wristwatch in today’s society.

Form v function

The crucial distinction to be made here is between utility and aesthetics. In terms of utility, there is, of course, a fairly compelling argument to be made that wristwatches are now basically obsolete: now that our smartphones and tablets are omnipresent in our lives and very few of us feel comfortable leaving the house without them, there’s simply no real need for the majority of us to wear a wristwatch if our sole concern is to know the time.

However, if we break free from this brutal, utilitarian logic, and instead consider watches as beautifully crafted wonders of precision mechanics with an aesthetic value which is totally independent of its functionality, wristwatches can be appreciated as beautiful objects in their own right.

Fashion statement

A well-chosen wristwatch can be used to adorn the human figure, compliment an image or accessorise a fashion style. A wristwatch can add a real touch of old-school class to your ensemble, and the fact that they’re increasingly rare today may in fact help you stand out if you choose to sport one.

There are a variety of different watch styles out there, from classic designs which evoke images of the sharp-suited sixties or seventies, to sleeker, more contemporary designs which ooze modernity and may even have the power to question if watches are due to be revived to an indispensable component of our daily outfits.

There’s certainly no shortage of reputable companies still keeping the proud tradition of quality craftmanship alive and producing luxury products which are guaranteed to turn heads on the high street or in the boardroom. For the perfect example, discover watches by Omega.

A well-made wristwatch combines form with function, allowing the wearer to display their sense of style while affording the wearer a high degree of practical application; having the time right there on your wrist is, and always will be, the most convenient and hassle-free way of telling the time.

Built to last

A good watch will also last for years without needing any form of maintenance or repair which, in today’s disposable society, is a very attractive proposition indeed. Just ask anyone who’s on their 2nd phone this year.

Additionally, as societal notions of politeness and courtesy develop in sync with technological developments, there is an increasing sense that whipping your phone out in certain social contexts now constitutes a social faux-pas, and doing so could cast you in a negative light in front of your peers and colleagues. This is another reason why, perhaps, wristwatches still have a very definite role to play in today’s society.

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