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Entertainment is a flexible stream with consistent flow and it shouldn’t be interrupted in any way possible. The same concept can be seen with the Showbox which is an online service that allows the users to watch various videos, movies and TV series free of cost and on any particular device such as android, mobile phone iOS, tablet or even at your computer to begin with. This video streaming applications puts a dent on the other live streaming services for which the customers have to pay heavily for.

The overall interface of this amazing service is very much adjustable and customizable to the very needs of the customers. And the silver lining here is that users won’t be consistently troubled with viewing ads and other advertisement related pop ups various other free sources so heavily relies on making their livelihood out of it. So, what is Showbox is pretty much answered here and will also be narrated later in this article but is it still available is the main question yet to be answered.

What is Showbox?

Showbox is a smart service which allows the users to stream their favorite videos such as movies, TV series and other videos free of cost over their devices. The service uses peer to peer and also non peer to peer sources to display the content over screen for you, it might just be that the sources of the content that you can watch here might not be fully legal. As some of it is pirated content and the rest of it is being outsourced directly from the torrent, but using the Showbox you would have the chance of actually downloading the content on your device for the sake of offline viewing.

There are of course various other alternatives present on the internet to the Showbox and some of them include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO. But sadly all of these are paid subscriptions but all of them are available for a free spin of a short trial.

Is it still available?

There have been extensive tries lately to ban the content which is not legally purchased, transmitted or streamed online and that is where Showbox took its toll. Initially the service was shutdown by the legal bodies thinking that they might have put an end to this thing once and for all. But then thanks to the constant itching of the impatient users of Showbox the developers had to find other ways of making sure that the service continued reaching the customers. So, yes still the service is active and running ad made available to the customers in the form of the Showbox Apk. Which is an android app that can be installed literally on any android phone and after installing the app would let the users connect immediately to the original server of the Showbox and instantly starting off the streaming of their favorite content.

Downloading Showbox

As illustrated earlier that the service is still available and running in its most exemplary form but the question arises, where to download the Showbox? Well, the service was initially provided to the android users only but in order to customize this entertainment based sensation into the reach of each and every consumer, it is now available on a variety of platforms such as iOS, android and PC simultaneously.

Following is the brief integration of how you can download Showbox for PC and other related devices;

Downloading on PC

For downloading the application for the PC you should have the copy of the Apk file downloaded from the internet and from other trusted vendors that you might find online. After you have file with you, go to your web browser and download any basic emulator to begin with supporting Google Play and Google Services. Once downloaded, open the emulator and run your Apk file with it, the program would require that you tick the unknown sources box for security reasons and once you have done that the app would automatically installed and then you can abruptly start using the app right away.

Downloading on Android

Downloading the application on an Android phone can never be this easy, all you have to do is to download the Apk version of the file and then run it using the application manager. Since the file itself is from the unknown sources you would first have to allow for the unknown sources within settings of your device. After it is done all that avails is the installation of the app, once done you will be good to go. Have all the fun and entertainment that you so eagerly waited for, you can customize app according to your preferences and then save these settings so the app recognizes your priorities the next time you fire it up on your android box device (see the best here).

Downloading on iOS

The iOS system is a lot difficult to attend to other than the Android and PC based system and the reason is that Apple takes the security of their customers a little too far away. So, in order to enjoy Showbox on your iOS device you would first have to download the Vshare which is an online system that would then allow you to download and install the Showbox app on your iOS based device.

So, in order to do so first open your safari browser and then getting to the address bar type in the Vshare and download the program right away. After downloading the application a small pop up would open questioning the integrity of the app that you have installed, click trust to continue. When the Vshare app opens up type in the Showbox app over the address bar and then click Ok a few moments later the download button will show up. Download and install the app and then at the end provide with the same ‘trust’ embarking attitude and enjoy your app.

So, anyone out there wondering whether or not the app is still available then it is still available for you to download and install free of cost, however a small change is that the version of the app continues to change to bypass the internet security and organizations actively looking to bring this free freight of entertainment to an end. But you don’t need to worry at all because you will get the free Showbox app for yourself with unlimited entertainment on it. Check out this.

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