Comparison between Razor e100 & e200 Electric Scooter

The brand specializes in electronic or battery charged eco-friendly city scooters for kids to ride on.

It’s a commuter vehicle for a short distance with limited/controllable speed. It’s a very friendly device to cruise around and maybe run some errands. The battery feature makes the ride smooth, makes the scooter environment safe, and most of all, it is pocket-friendly.

The brand ‘Razor’ is one of the best scooter brands in the market.You can read the ultimate guide for razor electric scooter posted by our good friends at buyselfbalancingscooter.

There is no specialized training required to ride these scooters, unlike conventional vehicles or skateboards.

You buy it, and you are ready to go no permit required.All these good qualities in one device, for what more can someone ask?

Here we are going to test, review and compare the two best sellers of Razor Electric Scooter, i.e. razor e100 and razor e200.

Razor e100 is a plain sailing ride for children who want to try on a vehicle. It’s safe, quiet and the speed is just right for the kids to zip around the neighborhood or to visit their close-by friends.

The battery-operated scooter gives you 40 minutes worth ride.It’s their Ticket To Ride.

According to the brand Razor E200 is longer, taller and faster.

It is the better version of e100. The faster model will take you to places faster; long battery life will help to go farther places; the taller handle is suitable for older kids. The scooter is built for 13 and above children. Twist grip Accelerator and hand-operated rear brake to ride in style and save the planet simultaneously. Perfect for a solo adventure or the cruise with pals.


E100 is designed to help riders aged eight and above and ease into the first motorized ride.

A kid-sized frame with hand-operated throttle and brake control is just enough speed to thrill young rider.

With its full-sided deck, the e200 electric scooter is for children from 13 and above. The 8″ pneumatic front and rear tires help for a smooth ride.An all speed frame and fork for a stable ride can be used.

Speed and Acceleration

The highest speed of Razor e100 is 10-mph, and the longest ride time is 40 minutes. The pace is enough to give the kids the rush of an actual electronic vehicle while making it safe and manageable.

The kids can race around and have fun while the parents can be stress-free for their kids.

The curve grasp Accelerator must be held set to keep the speed up and release to stop.

Whereas the highest speed of Razor e200 is 12mph and the longest ride time is 40 minutes. The twist grip acceleration is controlled with hand-operated rear brake and retractable kick start.

To accelerate, twist the handle to speed up and release to stop followed by the brake.


The razor e100 electric scooter battery 100w chain engine runs on 24V battery.

The chain engine can fall apart in around 4-months.

On the other hand, razor e200 is powered by 200W, high torque, and chain-driven motor. It runs on a single speed for a faster, smoother and longer ride time.

Rechargeable 24V sealed lead acid battery system provides 40 minutes of continuous use.



Razor e100

Razor e200


4 star

4 stars


1 year



16 miles

17 miles

Charging time

4 hours

4 hours

Maximum speed

10 mile/h


Engine power




30 pound approx.

37 pounds approx.

Weight of rider

120 lbs.



8 and above

13 and above

The kids are going to love these two friendly and safe scooters.And it will train them and ease them into full-on motor vehicles.The safe scooter will get the kids around quickly without being late, and the added fun is the bonus point. The parents won’t have to worry as the speed is just right for both the age groups. The brand is reliable and produces the right quality products. This is the investment in your kids you can make without second thoughts.

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