BOOGIE T.RIO Deliver Their Brand Of “Remedies”

One of the most epic collectives is back with their brand new ‘Remedies’ EP!  Boogie T on vocals and guitar is at the helm of BOOGIE T.RIO, alongside New Orleans musicians Andrew “Yano” Yanovski and Frank “Animal Drums” Castro. He fuses his funky sound with their keys and percussion to form a live band, reminiscent of Louisiana funk-rock.

The four-track EP opens with the highly addictive “Nobody Else,” shortly followed by “Dear Weed Man” – an anthemic reggae jam that is sure to become a crowd favourite. Next up is the epic biblical funk of “Disco Moses” with Boogie T and Yano sharing the vocal duties. Closing the four song EP is the haunting yet uplifting “Free.”

Discussing the release, BOOGIE T.RIO share: “We’re hoping that the ‘Remedies’ EP has something for everyone. Whether you need to relax, get over a heartbreak, get inspired, or just have a good time, we want the music to help bring you wherever you need to go. As a new band, it can be tough to find ‘your sound’ but we’re really excited about the direction BOOGIE T.RIO is heading.”

It’s a real uplifting release that just puts a smile on your face from the opening bar. Take a listen below and turn up!

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