The New Craze in Racing: What is No-Prep Racing?

Do you like street racing and NHRA drag racing?  If so, we have something to tell you about.  It is the newest craze that started and has become very popular.  They call it No-Prep racing.

What is No-Prep racing, you ask?  No-Prep is an evolution of street racing and prepped drag racing.  In traditional drag racing, they scrape the track of any rubber that was laid using old tires to help with grip.  They wash the track down and apply HVT, PJ1 or other types of chemicals to help put the bite in the track.  This helps to keep cars from going out of control.

In No-Prep racing, though, there is no prep of that upon the track.  They scrape the track down and leave it as such.  This process is where the name came from.  The surface is as close to a non-prepped street surface but in a safe environment, where it isn’t illegal.

Why No Prep racing?  Some people don’t feel a prepped track is truly drag racing.  No-Prep is the “mix” of street racing and NHRA racing.  This began because it being illegal to race on the streets.  They take a risk to themselves and those they are racing against, but also those that would be spectating.

Low to no traction means the driver needs more skill to keep the car under his complete control.  I have seen many No-Prep races with the Mid-Atlantic Street Outlaws.  They have done it different ways to start.  They have used hand drops, lights, and a small tree just made for no prep racing.  It takes a lot of control when they jump off the light or drop to keep it under control.

I strongly encourage everyone to go check out at least one No-Prep race.  I guarantee it will be a race like no other you ever seen!

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