Runner Runner review – a decent movie, but misleading about poker

I managed to watch the film recently on TV and I must admit that it is not as bad as many might think. Runner Runner turned out to be a pretty good film, in the plot of which poker is far from the only role. Script Writers have stated that Runner Runner will by no means be like Rounders 2, and they did not lie. If my memory serves me right, for the entire 91 minutes of the picture, not a single poker hand was shown to us.

My main concern was that in Runner Runner the poker industry would be presented in negative tones. The film clearly didn’t help the game (except that it told the army of fans of Affleck and Timberlake about its existence), but did it harm? It is too early to judge this, but according to first impressions, I can say that it didn’t do any harm. The movie only discussed greed and corruption against the background of online poker. The creators of the film perfectly managed to maintain this line throughout the whole movie, which is their undoubted merit.

One thing that I can say about this film, especially for young viewers, is that it is misleading and dangerous. Misleading so much, that not just once casino expressed the outrage, but multiple ones. Casinos in the United States are constantly warning their customers do not elicit conclusions from movies and it is so entrenched in people that even Canadian online casino Spinia has consulted its customers that basing their assumptions on gambling from this movie or any movie, in general, is extremely dangerous and could lead to terrible results. So do not believe everything you see in the movie – things are different in real life.

All my poker fears about the film were dispelled quickly enough, and I caught myself thinking that I like what I watched. Most viewers will be satisfied with the viewing thanks to the cleverly written script and excellent work of the actors.

Affleck is now perhaps the most popular actor in Hollywood, but this role was ideally suited for him for other reasons. We all know about Ben’s passion for poker (he even won the California State Poker Championship in 2004, earning $356,400).

Affleck did an excellent job with the role of Ivan Block, which, incidentally, became the first villain role in his career. It was very interesting to watch him, the character came out both funny and formidable at the same time. There was something diabolical about him, and I really liked it. Affleck may have even studied the names of notorious people in the online poker world (such as Russ Hamilton, founder of Absolute Poker). Do not forget, Ben himself lost a lot of money in that scandalous story with Ultimate Bet several years ago.

At the same time, Timberlake convincingly played, whose hero was also very attractive. Even before the premiere, I heard praise from the producers who said that Justin worked the most on the set. After a significant role in the film, Social Network Timberlake’s acting career is gaining momentum. Of course, the role in Runner Runner does not compare with Sean Parker from Social Network, but for him, it is another step on the path to Hollywood fame.

Gemma Arterton just perfectly played the main character of the film Rebecca Shafran.

Anthony Mackie did a pretty good job with the FBI agent. All the above words about Arterton can be attributed to Mackie – his career will probably go uphill.

David Costabile, Sam Palladio and Bob Gunton appeared only in cameos, which personally upset me a little. Perhaps such talented actors should have involved a little more.

Runner Runner is clearly not the kind of poker movie you might have been looking for but it’s a really interesting film. It is not too original, quite predictable, but it is no less exciting.

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