How to Learn a Hard Language From Your Smartphone

Languages are hard-soft to learn depending on the linguistic group you are used to. If the language you are going to study shares the same ancestor as your mother tongue, then you find it easy to learn. When the language is from a different language group, you find it more difficult to understand and memorise. So the further the ancestral difference is, the harder you find the language to be for learning.

But technology has changed things for the better. Your smartphone is not just a phone. It is a handheld device that opens a whole world of opportunities for you. Smartphones, combined with language learning apps like Encore or Duolingo, has made the experience of learning the most difficult languages a cakewalk for anyone. Here are some ways a smartphone can help you to learn even the most difficult languages.

  • No need for Classes or Tutorials: Smartphones combined with language learning apps have eliminated the need for attending regular classes to learn a language. Even the hardest language to learn will become simple with the help of your device and apps. This has not only given you the flexibility of choosing your hours for studying but also enables you to learn at your own pace. According to a higher education marketing agency, over 500,000 educational apps are available on the App Store and Google Play 2020, so you definitely have a wide choice.

  • Repetition of the Same Tutorial: The mobile app allows you to repeat the same course of study over and over again. This enables you to thoroughly study a particular chapter or tutorial again and again till you are well conversant with it. This makes language learning much easier than in a regular classroom.

  • Visual Study Material: In regular classes, you may have access to audio-visual materials, but their use is restricted to the classroom itself. And you may be able to access them repeatedly for a several times Whereas an app, like Encore or Memrise, running over a smartphone provides you with unlimited access to visual study material which you can repeatedly use until you get a thorough insight into the language you want to learn.

  • Interaction with Real People: A language is not only a matter of bookish study. To get thoroughly familiar with a language, you must be able to read, write and speak easily. Now, for the spoken part, as you know, each language has its way of articulation. Unless you interact with people, whose native tongue is the language you are studying, you have spoken part of the language remaining Here an app running over a smartphone can play a vital part. It works as some sort of social networking media and connects you with local people. These people also may be interested in your mother tongue. So, you can be of mutual help for each other.

Therefore, from the above-mentioned points, it is clear that if you wish to grasp even the hardest language to learn,  your smartphone can help you to do it with ease. Regular classes, till recent days, were considered to be a better option. However, nowadays your smartphone is far better for studying a language than a regular classroom environment.

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