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A Licensed Vocational Nurse(LVN) is one of the most demanded jobs, particularly in countries like America, Australia, and parts of Europe. As the name itself indicates, an LVN is a licensed nurse who takes care of people who are sick, disabled and elderly people. Most LVNs work under the supervision of a doctor, a physician, or a registered nurse. While some are trained fro basic health care aspects, some are trained for specific aspects.

LVNs are also known as Licensed Practical Nurse(LPN). The only difference is that LVN is used only in California and Taxes, whereas other parts of the world use LPN. One can find LVNs in different medical places like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, private homes, military organizations, schools, and universities.

LVN courses usually last for 11 months, and in some places, it takes around 18 months to complete.

How do you become an LVN?

In order to learn more about LVNs or on how to become an LVN, then this article will provide you with the necessary details.


To be an LVN, the first step is to decide whether you want to undertake a diploma or a certificate course. After deciding which program to pursue, you need to make sure that the institute is one that is approved by the state.

In order to enroll, you must first be a high school graduate. Although not necessary, subjects studied should be English, algebra, biology, history, chemistry, geometry, first aid, food and nutrition, psychology, and emergency medical technology.

After this, you must complete an accredited program in physiology, anatomy, nutrition and diet, and pharmacology. In addition to that, classes on surgical nursing, pediatrics, maternal nursing, and psychiatric nursing will also be included. You will also be required to undergo a practical experience in clinics for better opportunities.

Lastly, having completed all these, the most crucial task or obstacle for you is to clear the NCLEX-PN exam. This exam will test your knowledge of safety, health promotion, physical care, psychological care, and pharmacology. Only then will you be qualified as a licensed nurse.

Duties of an LVN

The primary job of an LVN is to administer oral medication. Besides that, a licensed nurse carries a number of responsibilities, such as:

  • Bathing, feeding, and dressing the patient.

  • Ensuring that patients take their medicines on time.

  • Reporting patient’s statuses to the doctor and carefully keeping records of the patient.

  • Monitor vital signs of the patient which includes blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, and respiration rate.

  • Frequently consulting the patient’s family about the progress of the patient.

Important attributes or skills of an LVN

Besides having a qualification and a license, an LVN also requires special skills or attributes to enhance one’s performances.

Proper communication

The first and foremost attribute that a licensed nurse needs to develop is excellent communication skills. This job demands constant communication with doctors, patients, other nurses,and families. Hence, it is very important for you to know about when and how to communicate.

Decision making

Besides good communication skills, you must also be good at decision making. During emergencies, you will come across situations where you must think and act right. So without this skill, you will face a lot of inconveniences in such situations.


Another important attribute that you need to possess is excellent documentation. Accuracy is such an important factor when it comes to documentation. Therefore, it is very important to check and carefully fill up the patient’s progress and other details.

Time management

Time management is also another skill that an LVN must have. Sometimes, hospitals and clinics run short on nurses. At such, LVNs are required to attend to several patients. But as long as you have good time management skills, you can ensure that each patient receives proper care and all the necessary treatment on time.

Proper attention

Another very vital skill that a licensed vocational nurse should have is excellent attention to every detail of the patient. Even in a hectic environment, an LVN must make sure that the patient takes their medication on time, as well as keep accurate records of them.


Teamwork is a must when it comes to working as an LVN. The job of an LVN demands working closely with doctors and physicians to provide the best care to their patients. All must work together as a team with a common goal,i.e., to enhance the health of the patient.

Teamwork also ensures job satisfaction, which is very important because one can work with more efficiency. They become more accountable and responsible for their work.


While helping people, an LVN is expected to have an incredible amount of patience. Such quality enables nurses to help their patients overcome any stress or anxiety. It also helps nurses to connect with their patients and feel and understand their perspectives.


As an LVN, you must also be able to adapt to any sudden changes in your workplace. Being flexible to new situations and ideas, especially while dealing with challenging workloads, is essential. By doing so, you will learn to equip yourself better at times of crisis.


Salaries of LVNs are not fixed. It varies according to their education qualification, years of experience, their employers, and the location in which they are working.  Higher qualifications and many years of experience earning than working in a hospital and bigger healthcare provide attractive salaries.


Being a licensed nurse is not an easy task. One has to undergo a lot of academic, mental, and physical challenges to meet the overall requirements. One has to be calm in dealing with a number of people with different personalities and work according to the convenience of all. To wrap it up, if you are a person who loves helping people and is planning on choosing nursing as your career, then a licensed vocational nurse will be a great decision. You will be exposed to a number of opportunities for expanding your horizons, develop your skills while earning a good amount of salary.

RJ Frometa
Author: RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

About RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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