How to chose the perfect squash racket?

Squash is a widely played sport. A racket is the basic need of the game. Choosing the right racket can be a little more difficult for some people. It is because many kinds of rackets are available in the market. Due to which it becomes difficult to figure out the best one for the game. So, some people become confused while choosing the best racket and end up failing to select one. We have brought you some significant points that you need to keep in mind while buying the best squash rackets for you. All the points mentioned below will make this job easier for you. So, don’t you worry anymore and read the following instructions thoroughly to get a better understanding:

Racket shape:

Racket shape is the most important thing to focus on while buying a racket for you. The squash racket is a little different from the badminton racket. So, you must be clear about the shape of the squash racket that you are going to buy. Moreover, squash can also be classified into two forms:

  • Teardrop racket
  • Closed throat racket

Teardrop racket usually comes with an open throat shape. In this shape, the main string goes all the way down to the shaft. It makes the string bed move more freely. Its long handle helps you hold the racket more tightly and gives you a perfect grip. So, whenever you are out to buy a squash racket for you, we recommend you to buy a teardrop-shaped racket for you. It will ensure a better sports experience.

Frame weight:

The other mainstream factor that you must keep in mind is the weight of the frame. Many different types and shapes of rackets are available in the markets, but you have to choose a lightweight racket for you.

We always suggest buying less heavy racket because it gives you comfort while playing. If you try to hold a heavy racket throughout the game, it will be bad for your wrist. Furthermore, you won’t be comfortable while playing, and it may affect your performance in court.

Balance of frame:

Here comes another major factor named the balance of the frame. It is the factor that we often neglect while buying a squash racket. Rackets come in three forms:

  • headlight
  • evenly balanced
  • head-heavy

A headlight frame has most of its weight present at the bottom of the racket, which makes it easier to move. Hitting the ball is simple, and flick shots are also easy to make using it. Moreover, changing the direction of your shot at the very last minute is also easily possible. A negative point of headlight rackets is that they can be a way harder to handle at fast speed.

On the other hand, with a heavy head racket, more weight is present at the top. As a result, you can have more of the weight behind your shots, and hence, you can hit a bit harder. You also have more control over your strokes because you can feel the racket head better.

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