Is AI the Next Digital Frontier?

At one point, AI or artificial intelligence was something that only existed in movies and the minds of science fiction writers, but that is no longer the case. AI is here in various ways, and while it still doesn’t resemble what you might see in movies, it is still affecting today’s digital landscape in different ways.

Smarter Job Listings

Every growing company needs to lure good potential employees to their job openings. The problem is this isn’t as easy as you might imagine. The good news is there are AI programs that employers can use to improve their job listings.

The software is going to analyze every word and ensure that you are using words that have been effective for other companies trying to fill similar positions. AI will also be there to help eliminate any potential gender biases, just to be safe.

AI and Your Emails

Most business owners would like to know if a customer is going to complete the process. Being capable of predicting this outcome more effectively can help them create a more effective selling strategy. The problem is making this kind of prediction is impossible. Some people use their gut feelings, while others try to analyze limited data from their CRM, which can give you some positive results, but things can be better.

Those willing to invest in something like email AI may be able to create an even more accurate look at the patterns that turn customers into buyers. One common link that should be pointed out is that customers ultimately buy something when they had a conversation with a representative of your company.

AI-Powered Communication

Another thing that should be pointed out is the new AI tools that help businesses stay connected to potential customers. As mentioned earlier, communication is pretty important if you want to turn people into paying customers.

One problem smaller companies have is personnel because you probably can’t afford a large communication team. Do not fret, there are AI-powered lines of communication you can use to establish a conversation. AI’s communication skills are limited, but they are helpful for some basic questions your potential customer might have.

Revenue Intelligence

Revenue intelligence represents another way AI can change business. What this does is create a system that allows you to see customer transactions in real time. Yes, you probably already do a version of this by collecting data from CRM, but some of the information on these programs is usually incomplete.

What revenue intelligence can do for you is extract all transaction data and analyze it for you. Once this is done, you can make better decisions about your finances, and that gives you an edge over your competitors. You don’t want to be left behind in this AI race because it’ll only get harder for you to catch up by then.

Smarter Security

The internet is great, but it does come with a few dangers to keep in mind. Some business owners, especially the smaller ones, tend to not take cybersecurity too seriously. They make the mistake of thinking cybercriminals will only target big fish, but that is not always true.

Since cyber criminals know that most small business owners don’t invest in security, they target them. AI cyber security not only protects you from using a large database of knowledgeable against malware or viruses, but it also predicts future threats. It is able to do this by exploring growing threats online, and it learns how to be better prepared if you are attacked at some point.

Once you start seeing how much AI is going to affect the digital world, you can see why many people are excited to see what is to come. Business owners who aren’t as tech-savvy may want to consider talking to an IT team to see how you can implement AI in your business.

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