Lightning Roulette: An Amazing New Twist on a Classic Formula

Back in 2018, a company called Evolution Gaming launched its own version of live roulette – Lightning Roulette. It’s a stunning, captivating, and original version of roulette. It’s one of the best we’ve ever seen. 

It adds several new features that are rewarding while also keeping some elements from classic roulette. That’s why Lightning Roulette won several awards for innovation and why so many players enjoyed it. 

An overview of Lighting Roulette

In Lightning Roulette, the wheel spins automatically when the game is starting. The dealer doesn’t control the spins. Players have the option to place bets on single numbers, colored fields, or multiple numbers. 

Once betting is finished, a lightning bolt strikes the number board and chooses a random “lucky number” ranging from 1 to 5. When a player wins a bet with these numbers, the game will not count the regular 35:1 chances but will add a win multiplier that can go from 50x to 500x. 

That’s why all Lightning Roulette payouts are much different from any other roulette:

  • 5:1 line payouts 
  • 8:1 corner payouts 
  • 11:1 street bets 
  • 17:1 split bets 
  • 29:1 up to 499:1 straight up payouts with a multiplier 

All the dealers in the game are pleasant, professional, and do their jobs really well. Even though not all of them aren’t native English speakers, they speak it perfectly. If you want to try out Lighting Roulette, check out this link. 

Online casinos are changing the game

Online casinos are currently a big deal in the gambling world. Traditional casinos are falling behind as more and more people start playing their favorite games online. The first advantage that online casinos have over traditional ones is that they are accessible. 

Everyone can go online instantly and start playing whichever game they want. There is no need to head out and travel across town to find a casino where you can play. The second reason is the fact that online casinos don’t force people to play with real money. 

If they want, players can go with digital credits that are entirely fictional. The third reason is that online casinos drive innovation. They are continually adding new games with new visuals, game mechanics, reward systems, small bonus games, and so on. 

Furthermore, these new gambling games online allow players to play with their friends, track their success, level up, climb up divisions, etc. Check out ICE36 UK live casino.

Other classic games reaching widespread popularity

Even though Lightning Roulette has become really popular, there are many different online gambling games out there that people like playing. That’s what is great about online gambling. Players are given more options and can try a variety of different games with unique visuals and effects. 

They aren’t stuck to playing those same slots every casino has. Some of the other most popular classic games that have successfully transitioned online are: 

  • Poker
  • Blackjack 
  • Bingo 
  • Slots 

There is a lot of variety for playing these games online. Not all of them are the same, and they can give different players different things. Simply put, anyone can find something that they like. Have you ever played bingo? Here is why you should try it out. 

The state of online gambling

The online gambling industry keeps on growing each year. The total revenue for the end of 2020 is predicted to be around $60 billion. Simply put, this shows that this is a fully developed industry that is only going to continue growing in the future. 

It’s something that players can be really happy about. Why? It’s quite simple – the more legit the industry is, the fewer scams, unreliable platforms, and thefts there will be. Players will be able to enjoy their favorite games safely, along with proper protection. 

A lot of countries have legalized online gambling, which also includes the implementation of various security protocols and laws that online casinos need to follow. At the same time, governments are looking at these casinos as typical businesses and getting a lot of tax money. 


Online gambling is no longer a taboo, nor it’s unsafe. If you want to try out playing favorite games from the comforts of your home – do it. But before you continue to make sure to find a reliable online casino with good reviews. 

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