How CO2 Laser Marking Machine Work?

Below is basic information that should be known by the novice to get an idea of how a Co2 laser machine works to choose the perfect model for my needs.

How Short and Record a CO2 Laser Machine?

Before making a final decision on the purchase of a laser equipment we need to know what we want to do with the machine. The market is full with all kinds of CO2 laser machines and we must choose the best option for the work we are going to do in the future. To know what can be done with the laser we need to know how a Co2 laser machine works.

An important difference is the length and quality of the laser tube. Different lengths correspond to different powers. This affects the speed of the work and allows faster processing of the cut. We are showing you to explain it with our Heatsign CO2 Laser Marking Machine | CO2 Laser Engraver. The operation of another CO2 laser equipment is identical.

CO2 Laser Scheme

To understand how a Co2 laser machine works, it is important to know how the laser works. The laser beam is emitted by the laser tube on the back of the device. Through the reflection of the individual mirrors and the lens is passed to the head outlet where the lens is mounted. It is reflected at a right angle from the mirror and transmitted in the direction of the laser head.

Here the laser beam is reflected from the last mirror in the direction of the work piece. At the end of the laser head the focus lens is placed. Gather the radius of the laser beam over the material. The carriage moves along the moving material guide (X axis). The carriage guide and the mirror move through the material (Y axis). In this way, the car can be found anywhere in the material.

The Heat sign PRO 90 × 60 laser head can be moved by pressing the arrows on the control panel. In this case, we have the ability to precisely adjust the zero point where the laser begins to cut or engrave. Very useful is the red laser pointer mounted around the laser head.

On the Heat sign PRO controller screen you can change the position and speed of the laser head, select the files to be recorded with a USB key or directly in the laser memory. You can change the parameters to record or cut and interrupt and resume laser work at any time. The machine remembers the last file so in case of a power interruption, we can repeat the work.

The laser head of our BASIC machines is controlled by the software every 10 and every millimeter. The laser power can be determined from the control panel, the speed and other parameters will be controlled directly by the software.

CO2 Laser Power

This is the power of the laser beam emitted by a laser tube. The laser uses 25 to 100 watts service capacity to record. The power of 60 watts is sufficient for normal operation of conventional materials. It is also a protection for the future in case of loss of power of the laser tube. More power is useful in devices for production in quantities. Thanks to this, we can shorten the cutting time of various materials.

In the software you cannot adjust the laser power directly in watts, but as a percentage to record and cut the material. Each material has a different structure and different performance requirements. Dirt of the optical system and wear of the laser tube have an impact on the results of engraving or cutting. The engraving depth depends on the laser power chosen.

The stronger the power, the deeper the engraving will be. The laser tube has a useful life, but this useful life can be reduced in the event that the large workload is carried out at maximum power. We can increase the engraving depth by lowering the speed or reducing the dpi resolution of the file.

Engraving or Cutting Speed

This is the speed at which the laser head moves along the material to engrave or cut it. The parameter in the software is mm / sec. For each material we set a different speed for engraving or cutting. Higher speed always means faster laser operation. The speed depends on the depth of the engraving.

If the speed of the laser operation is too high, we cannot get the expected result because the design will be badly recorded. To have a better engraving depth with the same laser power as before, we need to reduce the speed of laser engraving.

You can increase the speed and reduce the line display to obtain a lower engraving depth. In the case of laser machines with a laser power of 40 or 60 W and materials such as wood, glass, laminates, aluminum, leather, paper, they must generally operate with a power of 20% to 60%, and the corresponding result is obtained by reducing speeds up to 20% of maximum.

We believe that with this knowledge of how a Co2 laser machine works, you can decide which laser machine you will ultimately buy. For more you can click here to see further information

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