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1000 years ago, there were no driver’s licenses or retinal scanning.  So, people had to come up with ways to prove they were who they said they were.  For many centuries, signet rings were used for this purpose.  The wearing of a signet ring had nothing to do with the reasons we wear jewelry today.  It was to prove one’s identity or social office.  These rings were passed down from father to son and were considered priceless family heirlooms.  Many of these custom signet rings played a significant role in history.  Oddly enough, the basic design of signet rings has changed very little over the course of thousands of years.  Whether worn for practical reasons or vain ones, signet rings have had a long and fascinating history and show little sign of going away.

Each signet ring was unique as there was no mass produced jewelry back then.  And the markings usually included a family seal as well as a mark which identified the maker of the ring. Some of the rings were simple monograms or standards which were the sigils from aristocratic families. All signet rings were created so that the design came out properly when they were stamped on a document. Of course, this level of detail also ensured the rings were expensive and very difficult to copy.

But that is not how it is now!  At Valeria Custom Jewelry, we are making custom signet rings available to everyone.  Not just people with big budget: but anyone who wants it!  With the explosion of CAD and lost wax casting, it has become far easier and more economical to create custom signet ring designs.

Despite the fact that the primary reason for signet rings is lost, the style is still popular and experiencing a sort of resurgence. They are still worn by men and women all around the world—just in a more modern way.

There has been a steady increase of signet ring sales in the last 5-6 years. Looking past the decline in the price of gold and current society’s obsession with royal or heraldic traditions, it is a cyclical generational thing. We are presently experiencing a lot of sales to the offspring of parents who want to invest in something traditional to represent their family ties.

What Is A Signet Ring?

“Signet ring” is a term that is used to describe a wide range of personalized rings, including monograms, family crests, fraternity and sorority symbols, and class rings. Signet rings can be made entirely from metal, or be set with a carved stone. When the engraving or carving is deep enough, the ring can be used to leave an impression in melted wax. Custom Signet Rings can come in many shapes and sizes. They can have stones or be made of metal only.  Below are the most common shapes of signet rings, but by no means are these the only shapes.

Common Shapes of Signet Rings

When choosing the shape of a signet ring, the 5 typical shapes you will find are as follows:

  1. Round – Here the ring has a round shape.
  2. Oxford– The Oxford signet ring refers to a square bevel with rounded corners, much like a cushion shape.
  3. Straight Oval– This is probably the most common type of signet ring and has a very traditional look. It features a wide oval.
  4. Bulbous Oval– This refers to the large, heavy signet rings with a more traditional look. These have large sides and are quite chunky.
  5. Octagon – Featuring 8 sides, the octagon signet ring is quite unique with a very geometric look. It’s a great modern style.

Custom Signet Rings – For Women Too

Despite always being available to women, the trend seems to have spread deeper with them than ever before. The more recent fashion for women wearing them is a post-millennium thing. We credit signet rings’ popularity with men to their historical association with power. But women now have more feminized options. To go along with our popular, masculine styles, we have created a slew of more feminine options that are perfect for the discerning woman.

For women, we have noticed an inclination towards rings with a single stone.  Here the interest is on the beauty of the natural stone as opposed to any engraving or decoration.  Whatever it is that you want, we will make it for you.

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