How can you get a celebrity speaker to your event?

Are you planning to host an event and would like to invite a celebrity speaker to engage your audience? Such influential speakers are known for bringing engaging presentations that spice up different events. Using a celebrity speaker at a particular conference can help you draw a large crowd. It is an excellent way for you to get the name of your brand out there. Whether you are planning a charity event or a corporate dinner, hiring a famous person to speak at the event can help you drive sales.

Though you may understand the impact that such a person can have on your brand, you may not know how to get them to your event. Hiring a celebrity speaker does not always turn out well since their busy schedules can hinder them from making it your event.

You should, therefore, get familiar with the process of booking such a person as you factor in specific considerations. Understanding everything about celebrity speakers can make it easy for you to arrange all the relevant details at your pace. We can help you get your favorite celebrity to your event and make the day successful. Read on!

The key things to consider while hiring a celebrity speaker for an event

Think of your audience

If, for instance, you are organizing a charity event, you should consider choosing a celebrity speaker that is well known for doing some charity work. This can make it easy for the audience to resonate with them and understand the central theme of your event. The interests of your audience should be in line with that of the celebrity speaker you intend to book. For instance, choosing a secular musician to present a speech at an evangelical event may not resonate well with the audience.

Avoid getting a comedian to give a speech at a serious corporate event. Focus on the age range of the audience and bring them a celebrity speaker that they can identify with. When you put the expectations of your audience first as you look for a celebrity speaker, you can make the event quite successful.


High profile individuals work with strict schedules. For you to get a celebrity to make a speech at your event, you should focus on dates. Ensure that the date of the event is convenient for the celebrity speaker. Most of the influential personalities have jobs that put them in the spotlight, and expecting them to leave their responsibilities for your event is unfair. Working with a fixed date makes it is possible for a celeb to commit themselves to you.

It is advisable that you book a celebrity at least 6 months before the event to avoid any disappointments at the last minute. You should also be ready to negotiate when it comes to scheduling. Try to look at other options in case of some scheduling conflicts. The more organized you are with dates, the easier it is to get a celebrity speaker to your event.


Choosing a celebrity speaker is a big commitment, especially for developing brands. You have to think about the cost of hosting such a person. Most of the celebrity speakers set a higher cost compared to regular thought leaders. This is because they can have a great influence on an audience and can help a brand become more visible. If this is what you need, then choosing a celebrity speaker for your event makes sense. You may have to pay around 50,000 to book them.

Apart from the general costs, you also have to think about things such as flights, car services or hotel booking. If the celebrity has to fly in, find out if you have to pay for their flight or not. Most of the celebrities also like travelling with their assistants; thus you may have to pay an extra accommodation room for them. Discussing all these things days before the event can minimize any disagreements at the last minute.


Your location can also determine how easy or challenging it can be to book a celebrity speaker for the event. If, for instance, you are planning to host the event in a major city such as New York, you can easily get access to a wide range of local celebrities that would be willing to participate in your conference. Being in a major city gives you an advantage when it comes to booking a celebrity speaker since one can even commit at the last minute since they don’t have to think about things such as traveling.

Presentation type

As you look forward to having a celebrity speaker engage your audience at an event, you have to think about the right kind of presentation. Decide on whether you prefer a leadership speaker who can give a set talk or choose the Q & A mode of presentation.

Most of the celebrity speakers are subject matter experts that can add value to the audience. Using specific methods of presentations can promote high levels of engagement between the speaker and the audience. If you agree on the Q & A mode of presentation, you should find out if the celebrity speaker prefers questions being submitted beforehand or if they need a moderator.

Your team

Before you start contacting different celebrity speakers, you need to have a reliable team in place to help you with the decision making. Since celebrities are always on demand, a great team can prevent you from missing out on a great opportunity with a celeb since they can help you with most of the logistics.

Additional event activities

People are always thrilled to meet famous individuals they may have admired for years. You should, therefore, not overlook some other event activities. For instance, setting up autograph signing sessions can reduce the commotion during the main event. Some of the celebrities also charge an extra fee for signed items such as headshots or footballs. During planning, you should also discuss things like live or video streaming the event.

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