Tips To Choose Best Air Cooler

Summer is on its way! The uncontrollable level of heat is very much difficult to bear in recent years. The soothing and cool refreshments are not enough to keep your body temperature low. The scorching heat makes us dehydrated, leading to various illnesses like diarrhea, sunstroke, gastric problems and much more. After a tiresome day after work, you always prefer to relax at your home. But the heat will not make you chill. Hence, there is a need for something that will make your home comfortable and relaxing, so that you a chill for the time being!

But, the installation of an air conditioner can cost you high. The consumption of electricity is too much for an air conditioner and moreover, the price of it is also very high. It also requires constant servicing from time to time, which may become hectic for you to keep track of. Hence, there is a need for something more convenient.

If you are tight in the budget but don’t want to be the victim of the wrath of this dreadful summertime, then an air cooler will be the best option ever to think of. You can try lapakle advice to choose the best one. Air coolers are comparatively cheaper and can save your electricity efficiently. It is completely based on the mechanism of evaporative cooling, i.e., drawing hot air from outside, condensing and then releasing the cool air. A lot of air coolers are available online, but you need to buy the best air cooler, right? So, there are some tips for you, to have a look at, while selecting one for your home.

Type to choose following the climate: Climate is the major factor for choosing an air cooler. The humidity level of your place needs to be known. There are mainly two types of air coolers available. The first one is Portable or Personal Air Cooler. This type is ideal for a small or personal room. They can work in places where the humidity in the air is more. The main advantage of this type of cooler is that they consume much less electric energy and make less noise, compared to the other type. They provide cooling for hours. Also, they can be carried from one room to the other as per your wish. Another one is Desert Air cooler. This type is suitable for large rooms, hallway, and terraces. It works well when the humidity in the air is less. They provide cooling efficiently but consume more electric power. They are non-portable. But if you have a room bigger than a standard size, this type of cooler is ideal.

Cooler Pads: The pads of the cooler are essential for effective cooling. The thickness of the pad matters. It must be a minimum of 90mm thick for proper cooling. The cooling pads are either made aspen, which is synthetic in material and need maintenance regularly and their longevity is less. In comparison, the pads which are made up of cellulose have better and higher longevity. But, the cellulose pads are costlier than the aspen pads.

Speed Control: The regulation of the speed of flow of air is quite necessary to maintain your health. So, you need to choose the one which a speed regular attached to it, they are mainly referred to as variable speed air cooler.

Control of Water Level: It is quite important to maintain the water level in the air cool, otherwise water may seep and come out, creating a mess, and hopefully you don’t want any mess while you plan to relax! So it is important to have an automatic water controller set in your cooler so that the water level is automatically adjusted, and you sit back and chill!

The capacity of Water Tank: This feature is very important. It is mainly decided by the size of your room and the type of cooler, i.e., Personal or Desert Air cooler, you want to have. It ranges from 20 liters to 50 liters.

Working on Inverters: Always lookout for an air cooler that works while switched to an inverter. It consumes less electric power and it is quite common to have power cut during summer so that you don’t suffer, it is the best option to have.

So, look out for these basic features mentioned, to look for the best air coolers online.

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