Three Most Common Tradeoffs When Selling to Direct House Buyers

As with any other market, the direct house buying and selling market also involves inevitable tradeoffs. For many people accustomed to working with a real estate agent, this might seem like a novel idea, but it offers many convenient features to home sellers. In this article, we talk about three critical tradeoffs that House Buyers OKC and home seller have to consider when working with a direct seller instead of a real estate agent. When someone approaches you and says, ‘We buy houses in OKC. Are you interested in selling?’ here are three typical tradeoffs you will likely encounter.

  1. Best value vs. instant cash

A typical tradeoff that home sellers need to consider when dealing with direct buyers is getting the best value versus getting instant cash. One of the attractive features of selling to one of these direct selling companies is that they always pay in cash. This means that you get instant liquidity without having to wait for bank transfers and all those additional transactions. On the flip side, these companies don’t offer the luxury of prolonged negotiations over the perfect price for your house. They are hard drivers, and you will often have to settle for a less than ideal rate.

  1. Quick closure versus thorough homework

The other tradeoff with selling to these investors is that you don’t always know who the ultimate buyer is going to be. While this may not be a significant concern for many people, some homeowners seek the assurance that the people moving into their homes are going to take good care of it. If you fall into the former category where your sole interest is to sell your house as soon as possible without worrying about the end buyer, then this is a good option for you to follow.

  1. Home repairs versus as-is selling

It is common sense that a house requiring only a few repairs fetches a higher price on the market than one that needs extensive repairs. However, in the direct house selling market, there is little time for the seller to undertake any kind of repair work to increase the market value of the house. What you can do is to sell the house as-is to the investor who will do the repair work at a relatively lower cost and resell the house to someone else at a profit. In this way, the potential benefit goes into the pocket of the investor.  


When entering a new market, there are many things sellers and buyers must adapt to. The direct house selling market offers a lot of convenience in terms of immediate transactions and instant cash payments. On the other hand, as a seller, you lose some of the control over the deal, such as the opportunity to command a higher price after carrying out some necessary renovations and repairs. Whichever option you choose, it is crucial to be vigilant and do the required background checks in order to work with a legitimate direct house selling company.

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