Pilates Becoming Increasingly More Popular (Especially in West Los Angeles)

This low-impact workout offers the body many benefits – from physical to mental.

One of the benefits Pilates offers the body is core strength. Says the owner of a Santa Monica Pilates studio in Los Angeles. The core is the midsection of the body.  These muscles include the transverse abdominals, erector spine, obliques, and lower lats.

These muscles are responsible for stabilizing the entire body, allowing your body to have a better balance. Day to day mobility relies on having balance. Having great balance means that you can move effortlessly, becoming less prone to injuries.

Working the entire core can prevent muscle imbalances.   A stronger core also means a better posture and alignment. In our day-to-day, being hunched over computers, cell phones, and driving in our cars creates poor posture.  Poor posture creates many of the aches and pains, such as neck and back pain, we feel daily.

Those who practice Pilates have found that their pain reduced and even went away! Pilates exercises can help alleviate the stress the core faces on the lower back by strengthening it.  Abs is another benefit of having a strong core!

Pilates also benefits the body by improving flexibility and mobility.  Many of the workout done in Pilates works towards improving mobility and flexibility while being easy on the joints. Using the Reformer machines in Pilates helps to take off much pressure on the back and knees. Due to being slow and controlled, Pilates exercises are easy on the joints.  As Pilates focuses on strengthening as well as stretching, flexibility improves.

Being flexible is important because as we age, muscles and joints tend to get stiffer. This affects our range of motion. Simple tasks such as walking, bending, or being mobile can become difficult with little flexibility. To remain healthy and active during all our lives being flexible is vital as it keeps you mobile and prevents injury.

Another benefit Pilates offers the body is improving bone density. Just like flexibility, the body tends to lose body density as it ages, becoming prone to injury. Bone density responds positively to exercises that use resistance. Resistance exercises, like how Pilates utilizes the straps on the Reformer machines, use muscle to pull on the bone, creating tension. This tension is what strengthens the bone, making it less prone to ailments such as Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.

Pilates also affects the body by reducing stress. Pilates teaches you to focus on your breath, body, and how they move together.  To focus on the body and the breath requires concentration, allowing zero time for the mind to drift.   Pilates exercises are less about doing as much as possible but rather are slow and controlled. Being in control requires one to stay focused.   This adds a meditative component to Pilates. When you are focusing on your workout, the worries that were plaguing you during the day are not on your mind.

Overall, every single part of your body gets worked out during a Pilates workout. There are many more benefits Pilates can offer your body and mind, and if you’re looking for yoga studios Santa Monica make sure you look for Natalie at Have Body Wellness, she has extensive experience working with the top Pilates and Yoga instructors in Los Angeles.

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