Most Popular Hashtags For Likes, Followers and Comments

Hurry up! The most popular hashtags are waiting for your Instagram posts!

Even my grandmother knows what hashtag is. Therefore, it is not necessary to tell you about that once again. More importantly, how to use them correctly: frequency, difficulty, what strategy to choose and the relevance of the selected options. After all, many people naively believe that knowing the term has already provided them with success in using this tool.

Sorry, but no. You need to delve into this topic and understand how to use the most popular hashtags so that you don’t leave a chance for competitors and gather a target audience only around your blog.

Belt up, we’re starting!

The most popular hashtags!

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  5. Trending Instagram hashtags
  6. Follow popular Instagram hashtags!
  7. How do you need to select hashtags on Instagram?
  8. Best hashtags for Instagram stories

How to use hashtags for Instagram?

The purpose of hashtags is to help you to find everything in the Instagram world. Firstly, they group all the published material. Secondly, they simplify the Insta life. Thirdly, they drive traffic to the blogs. These are the main buns why everyone likes Instagram hashtags so much.

However, it is important which popular hashtags Instagram to use. After all, not everyone can take matters into his own hands and boost traffic, increase views, likes and followers. You need to select only relevant and most popular hashtags on Instagram.

The 25 Most Popular Hashtags

Trending hashtags on Instagram today!

  1. #fashion
  2. #instagram
  3. #instadaily
  4. #art
  5. #love
  6. #happy
  7. #family
  8. #photography
  9. #style
  10. #friends
  11. #smile
  12. #food
  13. #travel
  14. #me
  15. #follow
  16. #beautiful
  17. #cute
  18. #summer
  19. #photooftheday
  20. #fun
  21. #girl
  22. #family
  23. #tbt
  24. #nature
  25. #beauty

Don’t duck with hashtags for Instagram!

Did you know that using only most popular Instagram hashtags is harmful to your account? Alas and alack, but it is so! For instance, one of the most popular hashtags “happy”, has been used more than 2 million times!

Of course, we are glad that everyone around us is so happy, but unfortunately, such a hashtag will not lead to additional traffic to your page.

It turns out that almost every second, a new post with the hashtag #happy appears on Instagram. You can only imagine how far your post with this hashtag will be placed 20 minutes after uploading. That’s a pity!

How to place the most popular Instagram hashtags?

  • Get the most.

If Instagram has a limit of 30 hashtags per post, then you need to make the best use of this number. You increase the chance that your target audience will find you by 6 times! So don’t follow these old tales that you don’t need to use more than 5 hashtags at once.

  • Mix hashtags.

All hashtags can be divided into several categories: related, niche, popular, trending, non-related. For maximum effect, you need to use multiple hashtags from each category, rather than selecting one or two.

  • Change as often as possible.

If you think that by selecting and publishing hashtags, your mission is over, then no. The most interesting part starts. You need to change them no later than once every hour or two. This way you can attract maximum attention to your Instagram post.

  • Collect followers

Use hashtags not only in your language but also in other languages to attract the global audience. Then you will become not only locally popular but also get worldwide fame.

  • Add space.

Do you know what is irritate Instagram users? When hashtags prevent them from reading Instagram posts or viewing comments. Therefore, separate the selected hashtags from the main text, or add them to the first comment.

You don’t need to use the same hashtags, even if they have shown maximum effectiveness. The same hashtags can harm you. Instagram can count them as spam and block your page.

Trending Instagram hashtags in 2020

Have you already read the 25 top hashtags Instagram in 2020? Of course, this selection changes every day. One indicator may grow, while the other may decrease its popularity. However, there is something that remains in the top forever – trending hashtags. Yeah, they reflect Instagram themes like nothing else.

For example, such topics as beauty and fashion, travel, food, animals and children. Instagram loves photos! Moreover, it likes high-quality images. And if they are sexy models, beautiful countries or delicious dishes! Mm, yum yum!

Update 2020: Follow popular Instagram hashtags!

One of the latest updates is the ability to follow popular hashtags on Instagram and watch the top posts every week. It is a cool opportunity for you: your posts can be shown more often in the users’ news feed.

Note that people start following only the interested top hashtags for Instagram. They expect that Instagram will show them the needed content. So, don’t try to put the wrong hashtags to increase traffic.

Thus, you will disappoint users. To please and impress users, use relevant hashtags that will reflect your content from start to finish!

Let’s select hashtags on Instagram right!

Step #1: Make research

Identify your potential followers, the main competitors and top bloggers in your topic. After making a list, analyze them. Starting from the published content, focusing on the used hashtags. What trending, niche, and most popular Insta tags they use. To simplify the analysis process, use the Hashtag Generator, which will prepare an up-to-date analysis for any profile.

Step #2: Follow the instructions

In this article, we have already shared with you 6 important rules for selecting hashtags. Following them, you can do everything right the first time and not make a single mistake.

Step #3: Track the result

You have already switched your account to business and now you can get access to detailed analytics. That’s why you can see the “view insights” button under each of your posts. Clicking on it, you can see the actual data and track progress or regression. After, draw appropriate conclusions.

Step #4: Change if the results are bad

If you are disappointed after viewing statistics, then change your strategy! Through trial and error, you’ll be able to find an optimal strategy for yourself.

Instagram stories: Best hashtags to speed traffic!

Instagram story – an evident trend! So you need to use it right now! Add top hashtags today to your stories and get the first results in a few seconds.

  1. Upload stories.
  2. In the text bar, type # and the most popular hashtags on Instagram. It will offer a few top-end options, according to your theme.
  3. Add colors. The text color must differ from the background of the story. Make it brighter, but not too much so as not to irritate users’ attention.


The rule is simple: you select the relevant hashtags and increase the number of likes, followers, comments and impressions by several times!

Don’t believe me? Try to use hashtags and see the difference!

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