Is There a Way to Get Straighter Teeth Without Braces?

Over 50% of Americans feel insecure about their teeth. A crooked grin can hurt your gum health, increase your risk of injury, and impact your self-esteem. Thankfully, there are a number of options available to help you discover straighter teeth.

Concerned about the cost of braces? That’s okay! Here are four alternatives for straighter teeth without braces.

With these options, you can improve your overall health, avoid potential oral health issues, and straighten your smile.

Start grinning from ear to ear with these four alternative teeth-straightening procedures.


A dentist can attach fixed retainers, like bonded lingual retainers, to the surface of your teeth. This procedure requires the use of dental cement, which will prevent your teeth from shifting.

Retainers can help you discover straighter teeth without braces.

This option is ideal if you need long-term treatment. However, you can’t remove fixed retainers on your own.

Instead, you might consider removable retainers. These retainers can straighten teeth without braces to improve your smile. However, it’s important to note they’re easy to use.

With that in mind, removable retainers aren’t ideal for younger patients, especially since they’re expensive to replace.


If you’re not interested in wearing a retainer, what about an appliance?

For example, you can improve your bite using the Herbst appliance. This device will straighten teeth without braces by correcting jaw imperfections. The Herbst appliance will help your jaw develop in a forward direction.

As a result, you can discover how to get your teeth straight without braces with ease.

If you’re not concerned about appearances, you can always use headgear to straighten your teeth. Headgear isn’t the most discrete option on our list, though.

Both appliances will take some time before you’ll begin to notice results.

Palatal Expanders

Some mouths are too underdeveloped, and therefore too small to fit the patient’s growing adult teeth. For these cases, some orthodontists suggest a palatal expander.

A palatal expander can widen the upper teeth’s arch. This option provides space for adult teeth to grow in the correct spaces.


33% of adults are reluctant to smile due to teeth and gum problems. If you’re worried about people seeing you wear a teeth-straightening device, consider Invisalign.

Invisalign is an ideal option if you want discretion and comfort. Unlike braces, aligners are almost invisible. They won’t impact your appearance.

In order to get straighter teeth without braces, you’ll need to wear your aligners at least 22 hours each day. You can remove your aligners to eat, meaning you won’t have to worry about food restrictions.

The ability to remove your aligners also makes it easier to brush and floss your teeth.

However, you are responsible for cleaning your aligners. If they’re not clean, they could start to show signs of discoloration.

By choosing an Invisalign provider, you can achieve straight teeth without bulky braces.

Get Straighter Teeth Without Braces: 4 Options to Consider

Get straighter teeth without braces! With these options, you can straighten your smile and avoid future tooth decay or gum issues.

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