EXCLUSIVE: Kilonova Unveils Their Fave Tracks

Rising Northern metal crew KILONOVA (https://www.facebook.com/kilonovauk/ ) are poised to climb the ranks with their stunning new single & video, Immortal, out Friday 13th March. With that in mind, we asked the UK Rockers for their top six favourite tracks:

“”Oblivion – Mastodon


Joe – I used to watch Scuzz as a teenager (RIP) and I remember Oblivion by Mastodon coming on amongst all these emo and metalcore bands. It was totally unlike anything I’d heard. It had all the familiar metal elements, the groove, the wild guitar playing, the distortion but it wove it all together with these huge dreamlike melodies. It opened up a gateway to this whole other way metal could be, compared to all the Nu Metal, and early metalcore I was listening to. Those layers of groove, pace, melody, dirt that all flow together are something I’ll always aspire to when I write.

Whore – In This Moment


Ellen – Maria Brink has been a massive inspiration for me vocally. This was the first track by In This Moment I ever heard and the first time I had heard a women screaming.

It really opened my eyes and gave me a strong figure to look up too as most bands I listened to up to then had all male members. There wasn’t anything wrong with that, but I guess I never felt I could really connect to them the same way I did with In This Moment.

I remember when I first started to teach myself to scream, I would put on this song and try and make myself sound like her. Whenever I hear it on my playlist it takes me back to then and reminds me how far I’ve come as a musician.

A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation – Trivium


Steve – Since the age of 10 I was smuggled into punk gigs under the cloak of invisibility that was my Sisters friends trench coat. Back then I listened to bands like Green Day and AFI until a friend of mine showed me a few Trivium songs, including A Gunshot To The Head of Trepidation. I was hooked, the intensity of the double bass drums made me realise that there was another world, a heavier world of music out there that was just waiting for me to tap into. Since then my playing has revolved around complex double bass patterns which I incorporate in Kilonova’s hardest hitting tracks.

The Day That Never Comes – Metallica


Jonny – My influences change every day, however this track always sticks with me. Following in the footsteps of earlier Metallica ballads, the dynamic changes throughout blew my mind. Careful shifting between calm and frantic before exploding into pure heavy metal mayhem really stuck with me and has become ingrained my writing style.

Redneck – Lamb Of God


Joe – Redneck probably has the best riff ever written, it’s got that huge brutal groove. Lamb of God led me down the rabbit hole into those brutal vocals, they were the band that finally made me get it and embrace that super raw delivery.

Steve – Lamb of God have always been a massive influence on us mainly because of how different they sound to most metal bands out there. I remember seeing them in the 02 Academy in 2010, the next day I practised for 4 hours straight trying to perfect Redneck. 10 years later and I still can’t play it exactly like Chris Adler played it. Phenomenal.

Hail To The King – Avenged Sevenfold


Joe – We love Avenged’s music but we have to bring this one up for a different reason. The night Jonny and I decided to form Kilonova we were in a rock club in Newcastle. We only chatted briefly but then Hail To The King came on and we sang it into each other’s faces and decided we should jam. Ruined my voice for a week but I reckon Avenged are to blame for all things Kilonova that followed.”

You can follow Kilonova on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/artist/5SLDjfXs6t5qMI7WS1mwE0?si=n0XzaBOcRKqwsial-xg3zg

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