How an Email Checker Helps You Grow a Better Email List

Growing your email list is an ongoing project if you’re into email marketing. More subscribers can translate into higher conversions, and that’s every marketer’s goal. However, while expanding your email database, it’s vital to keep an eye on its quality. Are all the email addresses you’re gathering valid and active? Do they belong to real people? An email verifier will help you establish that – and it will do so fast.

What is an email checker?

Email lists deteriorate. An email address you got a year ago may no longer be valid, and keeping it in your list is a waste of money and an email marketing no-no. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix to that.

An email checker quickly scans your list and determines which email addresses exist and are active. It’s a tool that helps you maintain email hygiene and achieve better email marketing results.

How an email checker improves your sender reputation

First, what is your sender reputation? It’s an indicator of how you conduct email marketing. Do you keep a clean email list? Do you regularly prune out bad contacts? Email and Internet service providers (ISPs) care about these aspects and won’t hesitate to penalize you if you ignore the rules of the game.

Several factors build or tarnish your sender reputation:

  • your list hygiene

  • the number of spam complaints you receive

  • your overall engagement: open and click-rates

  • also, the number of people who delete, ignore, reply to or forward your emails to their friends.

Now, how exactly does your sender reputation affect your email marketing?

When your reputation starts to decline, your email deliverability suffers. ISPs will start directing your emails to people’s spam folders, where chances are no one will see them. Moreover, postponing to fix these issues may even get you banned from sending emails altogether.

As you can see, having an email checker verify your list for accuracy is critical. By removing bad data, it allows you to use only valid email addresses and better communicate with your subscribers.

Risky email addresses and why it’s best to remove them

A good email checker detects and weeds out a variety of bad email addresses from your list. Let’s take a look at the most important ones and see why it’s best to let go of them.

  • Invalid emails: not only are they useless to your email marketing, but they cause your bounce rate to go up and thus, hurt your reputation.

  • Abuse emails: they belong to people who have a habit of marking emails as spam. Email marketers don’t need spam complaints, but subscribers who want to engage with their content.

  • Spam traps: they don’t even belong to real people, but are a spam prevention method. Their purpose is to attract spammers and block future emails from them.

  • Catch-all emails: some of them will be valid, but others will bounce and affect your overall bounce rate. Once you validate your email list, consider scoring it, as well, to determine which catch-all emails are valid and safe to use.

  • Role-based emails: they’re usually checked by a group of people within a company, not by a single individual. They have a low email marketing value, so you may not want to keep them.

  • Temporary emails: also known as “disposable emails,” they’re only meant to last for a few days or just a few minutes. Emailing them will increase your bounce rate.

A trustworthy email checker can detect all these email addresses and help you repair your sender reputation. Furthermore, it can prevent bad data from spoiling your list in the first place.

Use an email validation API to grow your email list the right way

Every email marketer is happy when they get a new subscriber. The more your audience expands, the better your chances to boost conversions. But by now, you know that not all email addresses are accurate, real, and worth keeping in your database.

So, let’s say you’ve pruned your list and you’re ready to resume your campaigns. But what happens two or three months later, when a segment of your database is going to cause you trouble again?

To prevent that, you can use an email validation API. The API is a little piece of software that you install on your website to check emails in real time. It works just like a bulk email checker, only it verifies every one of your new subscribers almost instantly.

Plus, it’s easy to get access to an API: talk to your email verification company and ask for the API key. Installing it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and in the long run, it’s an excellent tool that helps you grow a healthier, more accurate email list.

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