Everything You Need to Know about Label Printing Scales

Adam’s equipment scales with label printers are excellent equipment. It is easily removable and easy to clean full stop. The material is made up of stainless steel platform. This scale is used for weighing tasks and many other industrial countings. You can easily print with barcode labels and QR codes with the help of scales with label printer. These are very efficient and used in many productions or warehouse applications.

Scales Used for Weighing Products:

The complex is designed for weighing products (goods) and printing labels with specified parameters, printing thermal or thermal transfer labels without connecting to a computer or local network of the enterprise. A scale or a weight indicator with a weighing platform is connected to the printer and, if desired, a barcode scanner or an external keyboard. The result of the measurements is a label containing all the necessary data. All essential information is printed in text form (possibly in several languages) and is also encoded in a barcode.

It is Used in Laboratories and Other Related Fields:

Highland series electronic laboratory scales are the new economy class model in the series of laboratory and industrial scales of the English company ADAM. The balance is endowed with a basic set of functions, combined nutrition, and can be used in laboratories and other related areas. Laboratory scales ADAM HCB are entered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments and are approved for use in the Russian Federation.

  • A brief description of the operation of the Simple Packing complex:

  • Scales, and if necessary, a barcode scanner are connected to the printer.

  • Download to the printer through an external medium (flash-card) of the manufactured product range.

  • The operator, under his name, launches the software package on the printer, selects the desired product through the menu, and proceeds with labeling: puts the packaging on the scales, receives an adhesive label from the printers and glues the product packaging to it.

  • The set number of tags will be printed automatically.

Pros of Scales with Label Printer:

  1. low prices and fast delivery

  2. Free consultation of a specialist in the setup and maintenance of equipment

  3. Warranty on all purchased goods 

  4. online customer support

  5. On the site, you can buy Laboratory scales Adam Equipment at a bargain price with delivery or arrange pickup

  6. We carry out all services related to the connection, registration, and maintenance of commercial equipment

  7. 100% guarantee on goods and perfect service

  8. Technical support will solve every question.


  • Color-coded keys facilitate quick recognition of the most used keys

  • Leveling indicator and adjustable feet ensure proper configuration for optimal weighing results

  • Large, stainless steel plate allows quick cleaning

  • Interface to provide a fast connection to computers

  • Robust construction resists industrial use

  • Its sealed keyboard protects against dirt and accidental spills

  • Overload protection helps prevent damage to internal components

  • The built-in printer can print weight, QR codes, barcodes and labels in numerous languages


  • Weighing weight control with an audible alarm

  • Total memory accumulation results

  • Optimization of the piece count automatically refines the weight of the piece when adding parts

  • Selectable digital filtering to control the effects of vibrations and disturbances

  • Zero-tracking feature ensures reading on the screen back to zero


  • Rechargeable battery included for mobile operation

  • Auto power off programmable to save energy

Scales-Printer is a unique solution for:

  • packaging and labeling of all types of products, including bulk;

  • packing of hardware;

  • packaging and labeling of semi-finished products, meat products, frozen seafood

An intelligent system for measuring weight and printing labels is needed where :

  • Requires fast printing and original labels;

  • In the process of printing labels, it is necessary to make calculations.

  • Label design can change frequently;

  • Simultaneous printing of labels per unit, box, the pallet is required.

  • It is necessary to complete orders at the finished goods warehouse or distribution center;

  • Need fast processing with limited resources;

  • It is essential to reduce the risks of manual accounting errors.

  • Presale marking of bulk or piece goods is required.

Advantages of the SCALES-PRINTER complex:

  • Label printing in 1.5-2 seconds.

  • Quick selection of nomenclature (commodity items) using a barcode scanner or keyboard.

  • Ease of working with a label designer. One hour of training is enough.

  • Flexible customization by the user of the algorithm, label templates, and the base of commodity items.

  • Parallel assembly of one application in several complexes.

  • We are improving the quality of marking operations – no complaints about the quantitative and qualitative content of shipped batches.

  • The ability to accumulate and transfer measurement data to a local network or a USB flash drive.

  • Possibility of building up the complex.

  • If you already have electronic equipment (label printers, scales, scanners, and even your 1C), then it is possible to use it.

  • Wide range of compatible scales (RS232 interface available)

Measurement Result: 

The measurement result is a sticky label, separated from the backing and ready for a sticker by the operator. The label contains all the necessary data – the name of the product, the composition of the products, and all quality and certification badges, weight, barcode, production date, and expiration date. All necessary information is printed in text and graphic form (possibly in several languages) and is also encoded in a bar code.

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