5 holy places you must visit

Travelling to holy places is always exciting as we get to know about human behavior, their beliefs and nature. Religion is the root cause which claims some places as holy places.

Many of you would say that this will be a boring article, as a majority of people are thinking about atheism, I personally do not believe in any such thing, but I do believe that there are people out there who have got this opinion.

However, as far as travel is concerned visiting these places can spark up the spirituality within you, but before visiting these places you must contact some of the best travel agencies in order to learn about the feasibility.

This feasibility criterion will differ, and a professional travel agent can help you in finding the best package for you. As far as I remember Haqqi tours is one of the most reliable travel agencies has been , you must also search for one of such kind, which is providing services in your area.

Coming back to the point, holy places are not always open for people from various religions. People may need to ask for permission, and they will have to learn some rituals before visiting some holy place.

Still, these places are always presented as something fascinating and people specially the younger and middle aged men want to visit.

1.     Temple of heaven china

Many people are unaware of religious cultures and rituals of china. The only impression of china is of progress, hard work and manufacturing.

The Chinese emperors of Ming, decided to build this temple, which is a red heaven from outside. Chinese believe that this temple is for harvesting and crop prosperity.

2.     Harmandir sahib India

Sikhism may not sound quite attractive, but the temples built by their Rajas have got an exquisite attraction. This is a golden temple.

The color and structure of the temple has made it an attractive tourist spot. The architecture is quite bold and hard.

3.     Wat rong Kuhn Thailand

Buddhist temples are known for their monotonous structure, but this one is quite apart. The most amazing part of this temple is the white statues, which are quite innovative.

The white mirrors, give this temple a holistic appearance. There are numerous metaphorical structures and each one of them having a meaning. Most of them are covered with mirrors and whenever sunlight’s shines over them it creates a breathtaking view.

4.     Sheikh Zaid mosque UAE

If you want to have a glimpse of Islamic architecture then mosque is a symbol for that. This grand mosque has got the capacity of accommodating more than 40,00 people at a time.

The white creamy color of the mosque and huge pillars will have a great impact on the visitors. Even the chandeliers in the mosque are made up of gold.

5.     Saint Basil’s cathedral

This church is known for its colorful outlook, which can grasp ones thought for a second. This is a symbol of Russian churches and especially for Moscow.

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