Things you need to consider while choosing a moisture balance

Moisture balance is a measuring tool that helps to analyze the amount of moisture in a substance. It is like a scale that is also called moisture analyzer. It is commonly used in food processing labs and chemical labs to identify the amount of moisture in different food products or chemical compositions. It helps the analyst to have the idea about a specific substance in detail.

In food labs, quality assurance equipment and weighing moisture balances play a critical role in the evaluation of food quality.  It makes the job easy for the analyzer and ensures good food quality. When selecting a moisture balance you need to look into the following important details:


The very first thing you need to consider is the capacity. It is the quantity of a substance that is can measure and unto which limit a scale can measure the moisture. Since the moisture refer to the quality and freshness of food, so it is necessary to have a good capacity balance.


In fact, not all the balancing tools and measurements are obvious. There is always a doubt percentage in the result. Therefore, you need to pick up the balance with amazing precision. It helps you to get the obvious and next to real results for sure. There can be different precision range for the balance and you need to pick up the favorable one.

Method of measurement

All the moisture analyzers have different measuring methods. Some of the balances require only the substance in its analyzing unit and some of them require you to add other details. Make sure to pick up the balance that gives more accuracy.


Speed matters when you want to save time and get the quick results. Even in the lab, it is not possible to wait for one result so long. You need quick results so you can do more of the evaluation and get final data. Remember to always look for speedy result giving balance. It helps you to save time. However, do not compromise the accuracy of results. Sometimes the quick results are not the accurate results. Therefore, you need to check out the things first.

Supported matters

It can be a limitation for you if the balance is not able to measure all types of matter. Some of the balances have the capacity to measure liquids while some can evaluate solids. There can be a rare combination that offers you to analyze both matters in one balance. All you need is to pick up the balance as per you requirement. The substance you want to measure more often will help you to decide the balance.

Software supported

The software supports the moisture balance at present. It lets you to have the digital report of the results on your system. Make sure that you are going to pick up a balance that will provide you the software that helps to get the accurate results.

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