Some Classic Game Shows That Should Be Rebooted

There have been a few game show reboots in recent years. Some of them got me excited, like the return of Match Game. I love the ‘70s version of that show. Others I kind of shrugged off. I never thought Press Your Luck was the most interesting show to watch, though I bet it would be fun to play. They brought back Joker’s Wild with Snoop Dogg as the host. They brought back Pyramid, which is a fun one. However, as a game show aficionado, I thought I would recommend a few more game shows that could still use a reboot.

Number one has to be Password. If you aren’t familiar, well, it can be hard to explain succinctly. Maybe try watching it on YouTube? Or watch it on Buzzr, where is airs all the time, which leads me to believe it would have an audience if it returns. You can play along to a degree, but it’s also pretty interesting to watch, which isn’t always the case with game shows. Plus, you only need a couple celebrities. It’s like an easier, more engaging version of Pyramid, which more chances for fun stuff to happen.

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In terms of fun stuff, they really should bring back Tattle Tales. This show was basically The Newlywed Game but for celebrities and also not necessarily newlyweds. They would have to match answers to questions about their relationship and each other. Back in the day, the celebrities weren’t that famous always. Maybe these days they could get some bigger celebrity couples. Like, Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend would definitely do this show, right?

Also, I think they should bring back Shop ‘Til You Drop, but only because that would be funny. A game show built around running through a mall? How retro? It would also be cool to see a modern version of Nick Arcade, thanks to the advances in technology. I would have suggested Supermarket Sweep, but they are already working on that. Leslie Jones is supposed to be the host. I’ll watch it, or at least watch the actually sweep. That’s the only part of that show that matters anyway.

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