Alvvays, The Perfect Soundtrack For Spring

Spring is almost here. Well, at least where I am. Maybe where you are it has already arrived. Maybe you live somewhere like LA where you don’t really have winter but just basically have a weird mish mash of fall and spring that gets kind of blah for a couple months but that’s it. I used to live in LA so I know that time of the year well. Anyway, if you are one of those people I hate you. I’ve gone through a winter. I am looking forward to spring. And I’m in the mood for music that reminds me the nice weather to come.

When I think of music that puts me in the mind of spring, the first band I think of is Alvvays. Which is perhaps a bit odd, given that they are Canadian. Maybe they too spend months dreaming of warm weather and write music to fit the bill. Or maybe they just have a sound that seems to embody the springtime. It helps the music is great. Alvvays is maybe my favorite extant band, which is to say my favorite band that is still together and making music. Their self-titled debut was my favorite album of that year, and their followup, Antisocialites, was in my top three of that year. They are great, and they are the perfect soundtrack for spring.

I would classify Alvvays as indie pop, with a bright sound that feels like sunshine. Frontwoman Molly Rankin has a beautiful voice. You could imagine animals surrounding her as she sings like Snow White. Please nobody try to murder her with a poisoned apple. Now, the content of the music isn’t always sunny. They have some somber songs. A lot of Antisocialites feels like a breakup record. If it is playing in the background of a barbecue this summer it will be fine, but if you are actually sitting there and absorbing it, you might not exactly be put in a joyful mood.

There is one Alvvays song that is perfect for spring though. The first day the temperature gets over 60 degrees and the Sun is shining you should crank it. It’s called “Archie, Marry Me.” It’s a beautiful song. I love it to death. I feel like listening to it makes the clouds part and lifts the temperature like five degrees. Literally the song begins with birds chirping before fading into a glimmering guitar riff. Oh man. Just writing about it I feel like spring is here.

Rest assured, Alvvays is going to be one of the bands soundtracking my spring and summer. I would recommend giving it a shot yourself.

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  1. Judith Schneider Kit

    Best review ever and so right! Everyone can relate to their music and they are so talented! If I could choose a group to perform in my home it would be Alvvays. Molly and her bandmates are full of life and interesting and you just don’t want to miss a minute of what they share.

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