Why You Should Invest in Interior Design Before Selling Your Home

Interior design is the process of enhancing the interior of a building. This enhancement can help to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing space for the people inhabiting it. Interior designers use the tools available to them to strategically manipulate the way in which we appreciate the space.

When it comes to residential interior design, designers work with architectures to ensure that the physical features allow for the appropriate use of colour, textures, patterns and light to add value to the space. Promoting sentiments of happiness, warmth, safety, physical and mental wellbeing all contribute to the value of the property. 

What do buyers look for?

A recent homebuyer survey from GoCompare Home Insurance identified the most common features homebuyers are looking for when purchasing a new home. Among them were structural elements such as double glazing, electrical sockets and central heating. 

Whilst these core structures constitute most homes and certainly help bump up the asking price; today’s competitive housing market requires more than the bare minimum. It’s not uncommon to see descriptions of interior decorations within sale brochures. And you don’t have to look too close to see that those homes with recently modified interiors are on the market for a significantly higher asking price.

It would be impossible to strike the perfect design for each and every prospective designer. That’s why it’s important to keep the essentials in mind. Most buyers will want to envisage themselves and their families living in your home. Redesigning doesn’t have to be costly and should always be weighed up against your expected return. 

Professional interior designers will often avoid fads and go neutral to create a welcoming sense of space and purpose. Easy-on-the-eye colours and unoffensive artwork are an effective way to seamlessly produce a collectively appealing space. Mild colours create the illusion of openness and simultaneously allow homebuyers to envisage any changes they may wish to make. 

Keeping things simple and neutral is also a good way to convince prospective homebuyers that they could move in without needing to make any immediate changes in accordance with their personal taste- no matter how unconventional it may be. 

At this rate, the renewed interior of a home for sale adds monetary value by way of convenience. It could help speed up the sale process too, as potential buyers are likely to be reluctant to continue their home-search if the interior ticks all the boxes. 

Tips for adding value to your home

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that any financial investment in redesign should be in line with your expected return. One way to make sure of this is to renovate in accordance with the location.

The interior of a home, should by some way, be adapted to its surroundings. For example, London has a unique property market and therefore the value should reflect the neighbourhood, and to whom the house might attract.

Interior designers will take location into consideration. A flat in the Shoreditch area of London is likely to appeal to younger residents; a townhouse in Hampstead will be designed with potential families in mind; Mayfair, the most exclusive area in London, is reserved for London’d highest net-worth individuals. 

As such, you should budget the interior design process in accordance with the relevant features needed. These can include special storage units, specific colour pallets and appropriate use of space. Once you predict who your buyers are likely to be, you can identify the best interior design strategy to use. 

The small details have a big monetary impact

When we think about redesigning the interiors of our homes, it can be easy to get carried away with paint colours, furniture and the obvious aesthetics. However, interior design is equally about style as it is functionality. Regardless of who your prospective buyers are likely to be, it’s essential to strike a balance between aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Home staging is key- but it’s obvious to most viewers when things like tables, chairs and accessories are simply for decoration. Professional interior designers will enhance the room by making it true to its function. This includes things like floor space, the ability to navigate around the room and access to required features like storage. 

Small finishing touches like light fittings, plug sockets and door handles are often overlooked. But their presence can make all the difference. Not only do accurately measured furnishings and adequately fitted structures enhance functionality and safety, but polishing off the very small touches can add a luxury feel to interiors. 

Finally, make your property stand out from the crowd by incorporating all of the senses. Increasingly, interior design goes beyond the visually pleasing effects of colour and texture. It extends to touch, sound and smell. Having a cake baking in the oven during viewings is an old trick, but it’s a goodie.

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