Oceanview Manor Home for Adults: 3 Guest Stories

In recent years, there has been an increase in the societal need for adults’ special care and adequate provision. Aging comes with a lot of psychological wants and sometimes mental retardation. Thus, the need for professional care and assistance is important. However, many people are usually uncomfortable with the change in habit that appears with old age. This has caused a lot of depression and loneliness among several adults. Oceanview Manor must have acknowledged that the society had a problem that needed to be solved which was probably why they started operation. Despite the unhealthy attitude towards many adults, they believe adults deserve something better.

Amazing things you need to know about Oceanview Manor

Oceanview Manor home for adults is a well-structured adult home located at Coney Island in Brooklyn. This healthcare center is boastful of a serene environment and beautiful ocean view to provide a sense of peace, comfort and relaxing atmosphere for its residents. They render a variety of adult care services in their state-of-the-art facility that is well equipped with features that are needed at every resident’s demand. Here are some interesting and amazing things about Oceanview Manor:

  • Bathrooms equipped with safety features such as intercom telephone and emergency call system.
  • Fully-furnished rooms with cable television and free internet access.
  • Adequate nutrition for adults to ensure vitality and strong health.
  • Well-trained, certified and professional staff
  • Availability of organized social gatherings, exercise groups, community events, and religious services to engage and support residents’ independence.

Testimonies from Oceanview Manor Guests

Oceanview Manor is well-known for its excellent service and top-notch hospitality. On speaking with some Oceanview Manor’s guests, here are testimonies gotten from them:

“Thank you for all the help you gave me when I was trying to figure out which senior living community was the right place for my parents. Their new home is the perfect place for them, and I appreciated your guidance so much! They are getting the opportunity to enjoy themselves in a great place, despite their illnesses. That’s exactly what I wanted. Shona K., A Very pleased Daughter.

“You simply saved me!! You did more than I ever could have hoped for. Thank you so much for being there in such a desperate time of crisis and making it easy and ending very successfully”.


It is no longer a hidden truth that Oceanview Manor Home for Adults has pleased a lot of guests. While few people may have something else to say about this adult care facility, most of their guests have had great stories to share.

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