Why mirrors are your design secret weapon

Mirrors are not only practical, but they are a great way to add drama when decorating a space. Hanging wall mirrors are a popular choice, however, some of us may be tentative to cause damage when securing a mirror on the wall. Instead, why not try a full length, standing mirror to elevate your living spaces and make a functional focal point.

They can create light and space

Mirrors are a powerful tool to create the illusion of an airy and open room. They extend the line of sight and bounce light in its reflection, playing tricks with your eyes to make your space feel much bigger than it really is.

Don’t be afraid to choose a larger mirror, even if your room is on the smaller side. Choosing a small mirror in a small space can have the opposite effect as it may lack the power to create size and depth. In a small space, the key will be to choose a simple style of frame and ensure the space is not overcrowded with excess furniture or decoration.

It will also be important to consider the placement and angle of the mirror to make the most of its reflection. If possible, position the mirror adjacent to a window to catch natural rays or close to a light source. Avoid placing it in a spot that catches emptiness or corners of clutter you would rather hide.

They can make a statement 

A standalone mirror can be an eye-catching design feature in a room. Less is more, so maximise the impact of a mirror by keeping the surroundings simple.

Depending on your design theme, the mirror can be as simple or as daring as you like. A large, glass mirror with minimal frills can lean against the wall in a room and create a sleek, modern feel. For a vintage touch, choose an antique, oval-shaped mirror framed with ornate gold detailing. Or, if you are aiming for a warmer and rustic feel, a timber frame can tie in with woody décor.

Many think that standing mirrors belong in the bedroom or dressing room, however, don’t be afraid to put them in unexpected places around your home.

According to the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, mirrors are a powerful energy source and the dining room is one of the best places for them. Mirrors can double the appearance of food on the table, in turn, amplifying energy of abundance and wealth.

A narrow hallway can also be opened up with a full-length mirror, giving visitors a striking surprise as they enter and also providing a last chance to check yourself out before you leave the house.

They can be functional and fun  

A full-length mirror, for example these full body standing floor mirrors, will be a functional design feature, and at the same time, make getting dressed in the morning much more fun. Testing out your looks will feel like a fashion show as you model outfits in front of a long mirror.

It will make it easier to see your full ensemble from top to toe and ensure everything matches, rather than having to awkwardly stand on your tiptoes or at a distance to catch your full look in a hanging wall mirror.

Not only this, a full-length mirror will act as the perfect spot for a selfie. An eye-catching mirror will no doubt enhance your snaps and make every picture Instagram-worthy!

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