Chet Porter

Chet Porter Brings Alison Wonderland On Board For “Bummed”

Ultra Music has just shared the new artist collaboration from Chet Porter and Alison Wonderland. They turn up the heat with the vocal indie/dance cut “Bummed,” which sounds delicious in the spring sunshine. Landing just before Porter’s North American tour kicks off (head here for full info), this track is definitely worth checking out.

With Porter’s trademark psychedelic vibes shining through, it has vocals from both singers in the mix alongside honed percussion and wavy synth melodies. He says: I wanted to make a song that had a cool vibe and it turned out very indie-leaning. I played an older version of it for Alison Wonderland one day and she instantly started humming this chorus melody over it, so she wrote some lyrics and we recorded it all within like 10 minutes.

You can hear it below.

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