Benefits of Online Texting Services

Whenever we talk about texting, we often think of tapping out a message on our cell phone. Some individuals use speech to text when they type on the cell phone as it takes a lot of effort and time to spell everything correctly when using a phone.

If you intend to use SMS for business outreach and marketing, there are better ways to send text messages. It’s difficult to send a lot of messages to multiple recipients daily, but did you know that you can send SMS using your computer as well? You can leverage an online texting service when sending SMS for business. Most SMS services comprise web interfaces or desktop software that provides many different benefits over texting from your cell phone.

Here are ten benefits of using an online texting service:

Better customer reach

Texting used to be considered a means for person-to-person communication, but text messages have rapidly started replacing email as a preferred method of business communication. The large majority of cell phone users have their device within reach 24/7, and the average time to read and respond to text message is 90 seconds versus 90 minutes with email. These statistics alone clearly demonstrate the advantage of using SMS for customer outreach over email.

Bulk texting

Probably the biggest advantage of using an online texting service is the ability to send multiple text messages at once. Bulk SMS allows you to upload lists of numbers and messages from a data file like Excel or CSV, then send text messages in bulk to your customer base. Bulk texting services allow hundreds or even thousands of text messages to be sent in a mere fraction of the time it would take to use a phone.

Integration ability

As text messages have started to replace email as a means of communicating with customers, companies have a need to replace automated emails with automated texts. Some online texting services provide SMS APIs that allow you to send text messages directly from your internal CRM or order management system to your customer base.

Your personal phone number remains private

Most online texting services offer virtual phone numbers. When you send texts, all messages are sent through this number instead of your actual phone number, thus your personal number remains private. You can then have any replies forwarded to your own number.

Easier to manage work

Cell phones are very versatile devices. However, there’s no comparison to a computer when it comes to handling, working, and managing multiple text messages at a time. So, give yourself the amenity of space when managing, making, and sending out your SMS by using your computer and browser as an alternative to mobile phones.

Autocorrect errors

Well, we all have laughed at the hilarious autocorrect errors that we often see on the internet. The internet is full of many autocorrect fails that people loved and humiliated. But when you are planning to run a business, then you cannot afford an autocorrect mistake because it may end your business before you even started it. To make sure that you don’t make such mistakes, you can use a desktop to send out the messages for your business’ marketing.

No typos

The same thing can be said for typos. It is more common for persons to make misprints on a mobile phone than on a desktop computer. That’s for the reason that mobiles have smaller screen size and the keyboard is also smaller, so it is possible to miss some words when you’re typing on a small screen. But if you send your messages over a desktop, then the chances of error are very low.

Better customer service

Numerous companies use SMS as a client service feature. By sending SMS from a desktop, you can send out text faster and have easy access to previous chats to look for a particular message or to support solving an issue. These benefits improve your capability to help your client more resourcefully and precisely. If it is an emergency state, you can similarly trail your SMS online to confirm they are getting through.

Enhance team communication

Texting does not only have to be for clients. Numerous companies use messages in-house to plan meetings, set up events, or get in touch with the field staff. You can send out messages to staff online to discuss any issues.

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