A Spark of Love

When first meeting someone we often have an instant reaction. At times this could be excitement or shock and at others, disgust. Whatever reaction we have is what prompts us to the next move, more contact or total avoidance. This seems impossible after just one meeting in which we learn little about a person.

However, our reactions come from deep inside and remind us of someone we would like to know or get to know. We naturally detect this in our gut or through the third eye long before our mind can logically decipher physical information. Emotional connections often start with an attraction spark that is registered intuitively. Sadly, when it comes to connecting, we often misread the signs from the other person and turn away without thinking, missing a potential love connection.

Tips to Recognizing Potential Connections

If your goal is to make sure you recognize a potential spark, then keep the following in mind:

  • Take time – To truly get to know someone, not base a decision on a gut reaction

  • Talk – Get the person talking so you truly learn about them

  • Avoid triggers – Though we may be triggered by something the other person does, let it go until you know them better

  • Slow down – If the person shows interest in getting to know you, take it slow. Just because we are attracted does not mean that person is the right one.

  • Avoid setting roles – Make sure not to put the person in a role because of how you see them, not who they are.

  • Be honest – Both people needed to be as transparent as possible with one another.

  • Psychic reading – If you are still uncertain, try contacting a psychic.

The potential for love can be amazing, but it is possible for it to remain one sided if we are not willing to work on it. Through good communication we can figure out if a love spark exists for both people. It is better to find this out early for certain, than to pine over time about something that will not happen.

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