Your App or Website Must Be Reviewed

Are you an app developer? Or maybe you’ve launched a new creative website recently? Then you need to hurry up and encourage users to test your product and make reviews of it. The key principle is pretty simple. The more reviews of your app or website there are on the web, the easier it is for other users to find it occasionally or in search results. No matter what category your product relates to, reviews are a necessary part of a promotion.

You can wait until someone notices your app, but it’s not likely to result in anything. That’s why developers often apply to websites that specialize on reviews of their products. For example, many of Freepps reviews were done this way. If your app or website is good enough, a site like will give it free relevant expertise. Now, let’s take a closer look at the benefits that reviews can provide to your product.

1. Enhanced Search Engine Results

Reviews provide a way to mention the product online naturally. On early stages, most users will run into reviews of your app or website occasionally. They will look for a review of something from the same category as your product and see your title in suggestions.

Even if users don’t notice your app or domain in suggestions, it will get a bit higher in the search engine results. That’s why it’s crucial to get as many mentions as possible. But don’t concentrate on a single website, even if it’s popular. Your potential users are likely to be scattered around the web, so you have to diversify the portfolio of websites that mentioned your product name.

That will also eventually lead to a brand awareness increase. It’s easier to notice something that pops up here and there, so users will start clicking on reviews just to figure out what it is or to make sure if it’s worth downloading or not.

2. Better Conversion Rates

Similarly to search engine results and brand awareness, conversion rates depend on reviews. If your app hasn’t become popular yet, reviews may lead users not only to download it but even to purchase a subscription or something else within the app. The same goes for websites. Besides, even a single launch of the app or a single visit to the site may add up a grain of sand to the number of ad views over the period.

3. Customers Number Increase

In case your app or website is designed for business use, reviews by experts in the field can help you attract more customers. Users who are looking for business-related apps and websites always read reviews before trying a product. If they find a positive review of your service on a trusted platform, they are more likely to try a demo and purchase a subscription in the end.

4. Higher Revenue

Following the rise of conversion rates, the revenue will grow up as well. Reviews on specialized platforms act as a source of credibility for users and influence them to generate traffic for your ad campaign and purchase something that you sell. Expert evaluation and voluntary reviews of users are very important for apps. If you run a website, your revenue depends on the number of visits that lead to a demonstration of ads or purchasing anything on the platform.

Must or Should?

If there are no reviews of your app or website on the web, it means that it doesn’t really exist. No matter what your advertising budget is, you must invest time and money in reviews. The benefits of online reviews are hard to overestimate. They work as a more natural type of advertising, rising reliability of your brand and product name in the minds of potential customers.

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