How to Bingo with the best of them!

We all have to start somewhere, and sometimes it’s scary to ask questions. So, here it goes. How is bingo played?

Firstly, it has to be noted that Bingo is an amazing way to make friends. It has become a much-loved social event and you will find many ritually flocking to their local bingo hall as their weekly treat. The social aspect is perfect for people in the elderly community who may struggle to make new friends or socialise, but also for anyone that wants that added boost in social interaction. The potential monetary reward also creates a certain buzz in these locations, along with a bowl of chips, and a drink of your choice, you can’t really go wrong! For example, you can visit best bingo bets or any sort of portals or physical locations.

So, you’re in the foyer, clutching your dabbers and good luck charms. Now you just need to pluck up the courage and go forth to the counter to purchase your tickets. The tickets are quite simply a piece of card with boxes or circles with a random assortment of numbers in each one. Once you have collected your goods and entered the hall, where all the magic happens, you choose a seat and wait for the numbers to be called.

As each number is called you must play close attention. When a number is called that appears on your ticket you just make a mark in the box or circle to signify that the number has been drawn. Being the friendly sport that it is, it is possible for more than one player to win a share in the prize if there is more one than one person with a complete line etc. As you begin collecting marks on your ticket you will find yourself looking for a pattern. To achieve a win, you will have to get one of these 3 classifications. The player that is first to get a straight horizontal line of the numbers ticked off, based on those that have been called, wins the one-line prize. In order to win the next two-line prize, the player must have all the numbers called crossed off on two lines of the same ticket. And finally, if you wish to win the magical Full House prize then you have to have all the numbers on your ticket called out and marked. It is only then that you get the honour and the privilege of standing up amongst your fellow bingo-ers and declaring a massive, ear-splitting “BINGOOOOOOO”.

Now that you know how to play, there’s a few other things you may want to note. Each Bingo hall operates differently so it’s a good idea to clue yourself in on your chosen location’s rules and regulations before you get started. Although the game is highly interactive and sociable, it’s important to respect the Bingo caller’s voice and the role they play in the game. Let the numbers be heard and up goes your chances of finding your win! It’s also a good idea to try and familiarise yourself with the numbers you have been given on your ticket before playing, just to make it easier to find them when they hopefully get called. If the idea of finding numbers on the sheet in quick succession doesn’t appeal to you then there is also an ever-growing online realm of Bingo in which the online system will mark the numbers off on your behalf. These days there is a version of Bingo out there for everyone, so why not go and find yours!

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