6 Reasons Why Enamel Pins Are So Popular Right Now

Everyone has at some point in their lives bought an enamel pin. They have always been an easy to use fashion accessory which looks good wherever you put it. But nowadays, customized pins have become more popular than ever.

These are the reasons why these pins are so important in everyday life now:

1.    The Variety Found in Their Design

You might have seen enamel pins which reference cartoon shows like The Simpsons or Rick & Morty. Or also pins that have emojis in them, or other internet references like memes. But the truth is there is an entire world of enamel pin designs out there.

There are some dark and macabre pins that go great with the goth community. There are also cutesy designs, which are mostly used by teenage girls. Entire subcultures have enamel pins that are made specifically for their sense of fashion, like punks.

There’s no limit to the creativity that can be put behind pins to make them fit your style. What’s great about these accessories is that they’re small and you can put them in anything. You can let your imagination fly with enamel pins since they aren’t restrained in their design.

2.    The Creators and Designers Behind Them

People who make pins have sometimes become Instagram personalities because of their designs. Some of them graduated from important Universities and have put their talents to use with enamel pin creation. Some have left great jobs in order to dedicate themselves to this full-time.

The truth is there are some great minds behind the creation of these customized pins. People get in line at exhibitions in places like New York and Berlin to meet them. They are extremely admired and popular because of making enamel pins.

They consider themselves artists and punk and do it just the love of the art and not money. Even though there are a lot of them working on this, they do not consider it a competition. They manage everything, from the creation to the distribution and advertisement of them.

3.    The Celebrities Who Wear Them

Enamel pins have become luxury items for some people. Through Instagram, important artists and creators have managed to make their designs known. And it was only a matter of time before celebrities caught on as well.

Like the case of Kim Kardashian, entrepreneur, model, and wife to Kanye West. She has shown to wear enamel pins on her reality show, Keeping Up with The Kardashians. She also sells her own designs on her website, which are very exclusive and limited.

The entire culture around enamel pins has reached celebrities and they have started to wear them as well. They are a symbol of status and fashion among people like Kim Kardashian.

4.    The Exclusivity of Some of Their Designs

They are considered small pieces of art and sold and marketed as such. Even though they have started as DIY accessories they are far more elegant and important now. While most of them are between $8 and $12 dollars, some of them cost far more.

Certain artists based in places like New York and Los Angeles have made more exclusive designs. These cost a lot more, going up to $1000 dollars for some of these incredible designs. Not only are they created by great minds, but some of them contain real gold and diamonds.

This goes to show that the enamel pin industry has grown incredibly over the years. They used to be niche accessories you could make yourself, and they became this. This is because dedicated artists have started working on them and turned them into something greater.

5.    The Versatility in How You Can Wear Them

Enamel pins are loved because of how flexible you can be when wearing them. They are not big accessories, which you can only wear a couple of. You can wear lots of them at once, and in different places.

For example, most people use enamel pins in their jackets. They look great in denim and leather jackets, depending on their design and style. But enamel pins aren’t limited to just be worn in jackets, they can work in other ways too.

Image Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/17/UCLA_pins_on_baseball_cap.jpg

You can also, for example, use them in your backpack, purse or satchel. They look great in them and you can carry them with you wherever you like. They come in different sizes and shapes, so you always have the perfect place to put them in.

6.    The Events Associated with Enamel Pins

Custom lapel pins aren’t just something you can buy off of Instagram and wear whenever you like. Just as the designs themselves has grown, the culture around it has too. Nowadays, exclusive VIP events are held all over the world to show off designs.

The first ever New York’s Pin and Patch Show was a success. The event was held inside a gallery for which people lined up for hours to attend. Its capacity was of 100 and it was attended by 2,000 people by the end of the night.

In this place, a lot of very important and recognized artists attended and showed new pins. Events like these are what elevates the art form to an entire subculture. People from all over the world want to attend to these to meet all these artists and designers.

Image Source: http://nerdist.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Mondo-Universal-Pins.jpg


All in all, you can say enamel pins are the latest cultural wave which struck the world. With these easy to use small accessories, you can incorporate them to your sense of fashion. They are small works of art which can be worn in any way you want.

The craze for these customized pins has only just begun, and it will continue to evolve. There will also continue to be events held by the greatest minds in the industry.

People like Kim Kardashian sell customized enamel pins, and she isn’t going to be the only one. We can expect a lot more celebrities to join in on this fashion. This new world of designer-created enamel pins will only grow from now.

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