5 Hygiene Tips for Staying Fresh All Day

There probably isn’t a child in the whole wide worlds who liked brushing their teeth every single night. However, our parents were forcing us to brush our teeth for another reason apart from dental health. Namely, it essential that children learn from a young age to take care of their personal hygiene.

The stress is on developing daily habits that included washing, cleaning, and brushing various body parts several times a day. Whether you are trying to improve your personal hygiene habits or you are instructing your children how to take good care of their health, the following 5 tips should help you and your family members stay fresh all day.

The importance of dental health

If you feel a toothache and visit the dentist, you are soon going to feel an ache in your pocket because of the medical bills. That is why there are many reasons to take active care of your dental health. Start by drinking a lot of water and fighting bad breath by brushing your teeth every morning and evening,  at the very least.

If you have large cavities between teeth, then you should floss every night. Furthermore, consuming crunchy fruits and vegetables helps preserve the teeth’s strength. In addition, try to drink less coffee or brush your teeth after each cup of this hot beverage. Needless to say, smoking hot or freezing cold drinks can seriously hard your teeth.

The number one

It might seem odd that there is any sort of etiquette when it comes to urinating but his activity comes with a high risk of infection. Ideally, hands should not only be washed after using the bathroom but before it as well. Touching the fine mucous on your penis or vagina with dirty fingers can result in urinary infection.

Additional problems with the urinary tract can be caused by holding it in, to use the colloquial term. When you are delaying the trip to the bathroom, not only are you holding excess urine inside your body but this fluid is pressurized, stressing out internal organs next to ureters.

A couple of final hygienic tips on urinating include the advice to relax your body muscles when you pee, wipe the personal parts from front to back, and to drink plenty of fluid every day.

The number two

You probably already now that washing your hands after using the bathroom for the number two is mandatory. However, what you might not be aware of is that the use of toilet paper is not as healthy as you might have thought. Toilet paper, even the brands that are made 100% from celluloses, has a rough surface that damages our skin at the bottom over time.

It is much wiser to install a bidet and enjoy the comfort of wiping your private parts using nothing more than the power of water. Nowadays, jet spray bidets are becoming the standard in sanitation, as people in the West start to discover the benefits of the soothing stream of tepid water against their private parts. Finally, you get to save hundreds of dollars annually on toilet paper.

A clean and safe work environment

Apart from workplace satisfaction and safety are given much care nowadays, you should make an extra effort to ensure you work in a safe environment by cleaning and disinfection your office or work station. Whether your office is a desk on the 11th floor or the driver’s the seat of a 20-ton dozer, there are viruses and bacteria lurking in every corner.

Sometimes, even wet wipes can help a lot so use them to clean flat surfaces like the desktop, then thoroughly cleans all door handles, doorknobs, keyboards (including the palm rest), countertops, and doorknobs. Of course, if you can get your hands on a potent anti-bacterial solution, then use it to remove all the germs from the office.

The importance of bathing every day

Although dermatologists argue that showering each and every day is detrimental to your health, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bathe at least once a day. Namely, showering involves a lot of scrubbing so you remove the top, protective skin layer while lying in a hot bathtub does wonder for your body.

For instance, getting inside the bathtub after a hard day at work is better than dozing off on the living room couch. Furthermore, if you’re an athlete, then bathing after a period of intense physical activity and sweating is a must. In terms of hygiene, remember not to let other people use your towel.

One final note: when stepping out of the bathtub, don’t press the towel hard against the skin, as a gentle touch of the fabric against your skin is enough to soak in water drops.

Staying clean and fresh all day involves a lot of effort on your side; that is no secret. However, using these 5 versatile tips, you will be ready for each new day of freshness and cleanliness.

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