Here is how to register for The SubwayCard Rewards Program Online

Subway is going to reward its loyal customers with rewards. People who like to adopt a healthy lifestyle with the facility to customize their meal according to their likes and dislikes most certainly choose Subway. After acknowledging this news you guys would be really glad to know how SubwayCard can reward you with free meals in the future.

Being a food lover now you don’t have to carry your cash along. With Subway Card you can have your favorite meals with it. The process is simple, you just have to spend more on your favorite food Restaurant and get more rewards in return. This will help you enjoy free meals.

Moreover, you can know more from Mysubwaycard for all the details regarding this super card. Let’s discuss more about My Subway Card so you can know better.

Why choose MySubway Card Rewards?

The Subway card will make you earn 4 Tokens from every spending on Subway Store. After reaching 200 Tokens you can use them on all Subway Stores in order to earn 2 dollars.

Also, the member loyalty of SubwayCard will make you avail of Discounted meals, add-ons and other foodie benefits.

Registration process of Subway Card Reward Program

Registration on MysubwayCard is a really simple process. You need to follow five simple steps that can make you enjoy some benefits offered by this wonderful website.

  1. Visit the official MySubwayCard website:

You can Google the Subway Gift Cards, it will take you to the official website. You can also follow the link  to reach it.

  1. Register a Card:

Now you can go through the website and look for the “Register a Card” option. This one click will take you to the registration form.

  1. Fill the Registration Form:

After the initial step to reaching the form all you need to do is fill every single block of the form. The details will include your Name, Contact and other details.

  1. Answer Security Questions:

The fourth step is to answer the auto-generated security questions. These questions are created in order to help if you forget your password.

  1. Fill the PIN Number:

Enter the PIN “mysubwaycard” Number. This PIN will be on your Gift card so enter the accurate digits.

  1. Personal Details:

After the completion of all the steps answer some personal details like address and gender etc.

In this way, your registration process will end toward receiving Mysubwaycard.

How can I login my Subway account?

It is really simple to operate your MySubwayCard account. What you need to do is Go to the mysubwaycard site and Click on the login options. Here you will enter the login ID and Password created by you and submit it.

After signing in you can view all the detailed information of your Account and the rewards earned by visiting your favorite sandwiches place. These rewards will make you have deals and promos for being the loyal customer of Subway. Have happy free meals with Subway Card Rewards.

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