Types of lawyers by their expertise

Just like a doctor specializes in one area of the body. Similarly, a lawyer can specialize in one area of the law. This enables them to focus on one niche and understand every law in that area empowering them to handle the most complicated cases.

Understanding the lawyers’ expertise will help you connect with the right lawyer when you need them.

1. Personal Injury lawyer

If you get in an accident that hurts you physically, it caused you an emotional trauma or the accident has given you high medical bills. Then you should call a personal injury lawyer right away! They will help you get the compensation and settlement you deserve.

2. Intellectual Property lawyer

In this day and age, people copy off things very easily. Hence an intellectual property lawyer will help you copyright your product, brand, book, recipe and so much more. So before you put your product out to the public make sure to get copyrights on it. The IP lawyer will help you get those right you certainly don’t want someone else taking benefit of your hard work.

3. Family lawyers

We have all heard of divorce cases, questions to ask in a child custody case, domestic violence, and child abuse. All these types of cases are handled by family lawyers.

4. Cooperate lawyer

These lawyers are also known as business lawyers. They ensure that the contract company is signing will help them. They can also handle law jobs like company mergers, employment contracts, company’s tax compliances, and acquisitions. Every company has a team of lawyers or a law firm handling their official papers.

5. Immigration lawyers

Getting US citizenship is not easy and you will need an immigration lawyer. This lawyer will ensure that all your papers right and you don’t miss out on any part of the process. Missing anything in this process will delay your citizenship process for no reason.

6. Real estate lawyers

These lawyers work with estate agents and ensure that all the paperwork of their client (who is selling or buying property) is in legal binding. They can also negotiate the price on behalf of their client and foreclose the clients deal in their absence.

7. Environmental lawyers

These lawyers are experts on laws set by the Environment Protection Agency. They can fight cases for individuals, companies or government ensuring that there is no damage to the environment.

8. Labor lawyers

If you are employed somewhere and you have been fired for no-reason or have been discriminated against. Then the labor lawyer can ensure that you get the severance pay. These lawyers also work with unions and non-unionized employees.

So if you are facing issues in a specific industry then call the lawyer that specializes in that area. That lawyer will know all the specifics and have done considerable research to understand even the smallest things. There are better chances of you winning that case with that lawyer.

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