Own the Night with the New Celestial Opulence Collection by Timex

As most night-owls would agree, night-time is the best time of the day. Although light is considered the driving force of the universe, the night carries a power and elegance of its own! The night brings tranquility as busy streets become peaceful at nighttime, perfect for taking a long walk. It has a soothing effect on you as all your worries are washed away with the cool breeze. The solitude of the night may not appeal to all but is the most attractive aspect of the night for many night owls.

One way to own the night and carry with you the confidence that the night brings throughout your busy day is by wearing the new Celestial Opulence Collection by Timex. These are some of the best available Timex watches. Timex is known for its top-quality product design and this new collection truly shows its best face and their innovative designing. 

Conversations, too, have a different flavor in the dark hours of the night. Words brim with honesty and earnest relations grow stronger as new bonds are formed and old ones are reinforced. When you think about the daytime, your mind automatically drifts to your hectic schedule, the errands you are required to run, and the work you have to get done. On the other hand, nighttime gives you time to de-stress and have some precious alone time. This makes us associate the night with calmness and a tension-free atmosphere!

Just because the majority of the population sleeps at night, it doesn’t mean that there is a lack of activities to pursue. In fact, there are many ways to own the night. Exploring exciting nightlife, late-night movies, long drives on empty roads or simply even just laying back and gazing at the stars, the possibilities are endless!

Arguably the best part about the night is the shimmering and magnificent night sky. The sun makes it extremely difficult to enjoy the sky. The only time we can truly understand the beauty of the sky is once the sun begins to set. Once the dark completely sets in, the moon and the stars shine their brightest for us to enjoy. A galaxy of stars awaits us, blinking and shining, almost like they are talking to us! Taking its inspiration from the calm and beauty of the night sky, celestial opulence was made. 

There are two variants in this beautiful collection. Celestial Opulence Automatic, one of the variants is the brand’s first women’s automatic watch collection since 2011. The watch is powered by motion! The back of the watch reveals an exhibition case which reflects the Citizen 8215 automatic movement. This is a reliable Japanese technology set with 21 jewels and has up to 40-hours of power reserve. You can see the theme of the night sky even on the back of the case that’s finished with constellation designs.

The Celestial Opulence Crystal is based on your zodiac. With a simple rose gold-tone case and gray textured strap, the dial is ethereal, featuring the celestial Aries, Taurus and Gemini signs of the zodiac to shine alongside the shimmering Swarovski crystal accents that represent the stars. When lit up, the INDIGLO® backlight brings to light the constellations, letting you see the stars in a whole new manner.

Sophistication Personfied

These watches have a uniquely beautiful design that would make you stand out in a crowd! They are characterized by a floating hour hand on the dial, the Celestial Opulence Automatic is inspired by the movement of the stars in the night sky. While the 38 mm dial does have a classic minute hand, it opts for a more unique hour hand. An arrow set on a rotating disc adds elegance while not sacrificing ease of time-telling.  The crystal collection, on the other hand, retains the generic minute hands. However, it has an ethereal dial, set with shimmering Swarovski crystals which show your zodiac sign in the dark.

Celestial Opulence watches are perfect for Astrology enthusiasts! Especially the Celestial Opulence Crystal is ideal for those who avidly follow zodiac signs and horoscopes. Those who do, know how important the stars are in everyone’s life. With a dial that represents the beautiful night sky, this variant also shows your zodiac sign in dark. And as the zodiac lovers would also agree, it would perfectly reflect your personality!

Suits Every Outfit

These watches complete your outfit for special occasions. They are the missing piece in your outfit! They are sleek, elegant and perfect for special occasions demanding attention. Whether it is official meeting or a night out in a party with friends, these watches will help you stand out and put the spotlight on you!

The beauty of this collection is everlasting.  The Celestial Opulence Automatic design functions using the energy created by your motions. This means there is no use of batteries and other temporary sources of power. 

Perfect For Gifting

This collection is also perfect as a gift for your special someone, she will be ecstatic to receive it! Being in love is a feeling of pure joy. Spending time with your partner and enjoying the little things you do together is a blessing it itself. However, love is not as simple as it used to be. Unfortunately, gone are those high school and college days with stolen glances across classrooms and indefinite time to spend with each other. Our busy and bustling lives keeps us active but often keeps us apart from our partners for longer than we would like. Every second feels like an hour and every hour feels like days.

In times like these, it is important for your partner to have something that would remind her of you even when you are apart. The perfect gift would make sure she has a small piece of you, wherever she goes! What better than a beautiful watch, for her to count the seconds till you meet while also making her look more elegant and stylish.

So, don’t waste your time and find the nearest Timex store or log on to www.timexindia.com to buy watches in India online. Make this exquisite watch yours as soon as you can! 

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