Patches for Organized Motorcycle Clubs

Organized MCs or Motorcycle Clubs have patches they wear known as their colors. These are worn on their jackets or vests and are custom made by a patch maker. There are many different personalized patches for leather jackets but in essence, there are three types. Here is a look at those three types, what they mean and the importance of patches worn by club members.

Three types of patches

Essentially the three basic types of patches signify the type of club the motorcycle rider belongs to.

One piece patch – This is a single patch the design is just one piece and it has an emblem that represents the family club the rider belongs to. These clubs are also called riding clubs, they are not the more typical motorcycle club or MC. With recent negative press on biker clubs, Harley Davidson has moved to take a step away from clubs associated with criminal elements. The Harley Davidson bike patch, as a result, was changed to a one piece.

Two piece patch – Two piece patches tend to mean that the club in question is moving from a one piece riding club and moving towards becoming an approved Motorcycle Club. When that approval is given they can then create a three piece patch.

Three piece patch – This is the style of patch worn by members of clubs that are approved as true Motorcycle Clubs. Usually, members of the biker club have to earn those three parts. First of all, they are sponsored by a member and get to wear one piece, the bottom rocker which shows the location of the club. Then the new member can ear the top section which has the club’s name. When they become a full member they get to wear the emblem itself in the center on the back of their jacket. The three piece patch for MCs is a sign of commitment to that club, to what they stand for, the lifestyle they follow and the rules they expect members to follow.

Considerations for casual riders wanting to start a club

If a casual rider wants to start a club here are some important things to think about. Always check to see if there are any local clubs already and see if they would be a good fit, there are hundreds out there. Casual riders refer to themselves as RCs meaning Riding Clubs. You can have a patch designed of your choice and you are unlikely to run into any issues with the community.

If you are creating a club committed to becoming a sanctioned MC you need to make sure it is ok to start this in your area. Clubs that are dominant in your area do not want clubs starting that is going to cause bad press and such. So hold off on personalized patches for leather jackets until it has been sanctioned.


Whether you start your own club or wear a Harley Davidson bike patch, make sure you use a patch designer and maker that produces great work. That patch says a lot about you and your club, so everything needs to be just right.

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