Cottesmore Hunt are Organised Criminals

The Cottesmore Hunt are a notorious, criminal hunting gang who persist in hunting foxes, in breach of the 2004 Hunting Act which made it an offence to hunt wild animals with packs of dogs in the UK. They try to convince people that they are behaving within the law by following trails and using a bird of prey. But this is an outright, proven lie that’s been debunked every season since the hunting ban came into force.

Criminal Thugs Employed to Prevent Observation

The Cottesmore hunt’s persistent abuse of wildlife naturally attracts the attention of anti-hunt activists, hunt monitors and hunt saboteurs who, throughout the hunting season, attempt to prevent the hunt from illegally tormenting and killing wildlife. Of course, if the Cottesmore were truly engaged in nothing but legal trail hunting then the attention they get from these animal rights groups would be nothing to worry about. But they know, and we know, that they are  not laying and following trails. They carry out totally illegal fox-hunting, week after week, throughout the hunting season while trying to avoid scrutiny. They attempt to avoid being inconveniently video recorded by employing a mob of thugs, tasked to keep the anti-hunt activists away from the hunt, enabling them to carry on hunting foxes with impunity.

The criminal thugs employed by the Cottesmore hunt are a particularly disgusting group of knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers. A huge and growing body of video evidence shows Marc Birney, his wife Natalie Birney, Ollie Barton and Paul Rutter purposely harassing and assaulting anti-hunt activists while they peacefully trying to monitor what the Cottesmore hunt is getting up to. Mrs Birney was even cautioned by police for launching a totally unprovoked and distinctly weird attack on an activist.

What is particularly notable about the Cottesmore hunt thugs is that they really enjoy picking on women. Week after week these so called tough-guys intimidate and harass young women who are trying to monitor and record the illegal behaviour of the Cottesmore. They are far less brave when there are men involved and will often target lone, female anti-hunt activists who they subject to the most vile abuse without any provocation.

What Are They Hiding?

Remember that the Cottesmore Hunt tell people that they engage in nothing but legal trail hunting. So why do the hunt need to employ these thugs and what are they trying to hide? Are they really trying to prevent people from witnessing them trail hunting? They might as well tell people that they ride unicorns.

In some recent exchanges with Cottesmore hunt riders they have even attempted to deny any relationship with Mr Rutter or Mr Barton. The hunt appears to be trying to distance themselves from these violent thugs which suggests they want the public to believe that these thugs are acting on their own without being directed or paid by the Cottesmore hunt. Really?

The Cottesmore Hunt are an Organised Criminal Gang

There is no getting away from it – all hunting in the UK with hounds is organised criminal behaviour. The Cottesmore Hunt are an organised criminal gang engaged in planned and coordinated criminal behaviour on a continuing basis motivated by the desire to persist in criminally hunting foxes in breach of the hunting act. So how is it possible that organised, violent crime is being allowed to persist in the United Kingdom?

The answer is that criminal gangs like the Cottesmore Hunt are supported by what’s called “the establishment” which consists of the aristocracy, landowners, the judiciary, senior police officers and some politicians. Although well over 80% of the British public would like to see an outright ban of hunting with dogs, there is a small, sick minority who have the power to influence the law and persist in this anachronistic, barbaric behaviour in our countryside.

For example, the Cottesmore Hunt hold regular meets at the home of the Cranfields at Copy Lawn Farm in Edenham, Bourne. Pamela Jean Cranfield is a parish councillor within the South Keysteven area and her husband is listed as a livestock farmer. Another favoured location for Cottesmore Hunt meets is Lilac farm, Sewstern near Buckminster, the home of the Exton family. Graham and Liz Exton are both local parish councillors at Buckminster! A police officer who attends their parish council meetings, PC Sharon Roscoe, was a wildlife officer in Leicestershire until she had to stand down from this role as it was discovered that she was actively involved with the Belvoir hunt and her parents still host meets for the Belvoir.

When local authorities and law enforcement have been taken over and infiltrated by criminal hunt gangs like this it should be no surprise that illegal fox hunting is persisting – 16 years after it was banned.

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