6 Fun Things To Do On Your Birthday

Birthdays are always considered to be fun filled but the ways may vary from person to person. Tired of thinking of the best possible way to make your coming birthday the most amusing one? Seems that you are to be helped out with 6 fun things to do your birthday that are worth trying.

Who doesn’t like to enjoy birthdays with some new and interesting things? Many of us often stay ready with special ‘to do list’ for that special while some already move one step ahead to carry out half of the plan before the special day arrives. Yes indeed, birthdays are too special.

The idea of doing some fun stuff on birthdays is something that excites most of us but to exactly think about one may be a task. Well, no more difficulties for this article brings some of the fun ideas to do on your birthdays.

Fun Things To Do On Your Birthday

1. A Ride With The Roller Coaster

Roller coaster and its rides have never failed to fascinate us as kids. Do you still have the same audacity to get rolled up with the sharp twists and turns of the roller coasters? Have you been missing them for a while or have never got the grits to try? It is also your birthday knocking at the door. Then this one is for you.

On your coming birthday bring back the thrilling side of yours and set out for the sharpest roller coaster ride at the nearest amusement park or if never tried, this birthday is the time to break through all fears for roller coasters and try riding out on a roller coaster.

This is sure to give you the fun that you are looking to experience on your birthday.

2. How About A Game Session With Pets

Pets are always cute and lovely anyone with a pet would never leave a single day go without spending some fun time with their pets. How about trying this regular job on your birthday with some special events.

If you have a pet then arrange a special game that both of you can enjoy. It can be a ball fetching game or playing with some juggling rings. Even if you don’t have your own pet, no need to worry.

You can ask your neighbor to let his/her pet to play with and have some fun time with it.

It is one of the best fun things to do on your birthday this time that would for sure not going to disappoint.

3. The Fancy Dress Completion Way

Nobody feels bored trying out different looks with unique attires and beautiful make-up. This birthday take this interest to the next level. Arrange a fancy dress competition for your friends and family.

On the day of your birthday you can ask your friends and family members to get dressed up being fancy using specific roles. For example, one of your friends can get dressed up like a teacher at the school or someone can even dress up like the Great Gatsby. Doesn’t it sound funny?

Check this out this time on your birthday.

4. Play The Sport Of Your Desire

Is it been a while that you have not played the sport that you have been a diehard fan of. Don’t keep only missing it play it and for sure it would turn out to be a fun way to celebrate your birthday.

Set out yourself to the stadium nearby, get the joining formalities done, check the bills and hop into your pavilion. Get some of your friends too to join you on your amusing birthday program.

This is surely not going to leave you less excited but with loads of fun and laughter.

5. Get Your Wall Painted

The wall paintings or the designs must have always been fascinating for you but never took to do it yourself. It can be one of the uniquely fun ways to do on your birthday.

Buy some of the favorite paints along with painting brushes. You can also ring up some of your creative friends to help you out in painting your wall. Then select the painting design and start throwing paints on one of the selected walls to gift yourself the wall of vibrant colors and designs.

6. A Party Inside Your Car

 It does not require to be a Limousine always to set out on a car party. You can do it on your small Ford too. It can be one of the exhilarating things to do on your birthday. Don’t keep thinking, start preparing.

Get some fancy lights and some drinks. Pick up some of your friends and set out on a wild night drive with lights and drinks. You can also halt at the middle of the road in a secluded place to have silly gossips and dance moves.

You are for sure not going to forget this birthday ride.


Don’t let go your birthday go boring this time and add some fun with any of the above discussed things to do on your birthday and make your birthday the most jovial one like never before.

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