5 Biggest Challenges in Mortgage Processing Services and How to Solve Them!

Mortgage loan processing comprises of handling a large amount of data. This can be challenging for the lenders since, it would require them to tackle tricky situations and responsibilities. These include tasks such as handling any changes in borrower’s documents, following up on borrower details throughout the loan processing cycle. Simplifying the various steps in this process ranging from loan application process to post closing audits would help boost the efficiency of the mortgage loan process. To achieve this, these lenders turn to mortgage outsourcing partner companies. 

The following are the major challenges that these mortgage service companies help solve:

  • High Turnaround Time

While rendering mortgage loan processing services, high turnaround time can pose as a challenge. The longer the TAT, the more the delay in the approval of the borrower’s mortgage loan. Shorter turnaround time would mean that the mortgage loan processing company is completing the entire loan process of the borrower in a short period of time. This can help these companies stay ahead of the competition since most borrowers look for mortgage services which are quick, saving them on unnecessary waiting time.

  • Lack of Pre-Underwriting Preparations

Before the step of underwriting is taken up by the mortgage loan processing companies, they must ensure overcoming the challenge of pre-underwriting preparations. This includes tasks such as handling loan documents by indexing and stacking them, preparing initial mortgage disclosure and such. These pre- underwriting preparations must be efficiently carried out to complete loan processing quickly. 

  • Not Having a Flexible Workforce

Mortgage loan processing service companies need to overcome the challenge of lacking flexibility in their recruited workforce. This is because, the mortgage business has market fluctuations which spike up and down in different seasons. There are a number of variables which cause these changes in demand. Thus, these companies need to equip themselves to deal with such situations by enabling a flexible workforce. In this way, when the demand rises up, the number of skilled recruits can be scaled up. Similarly, expenses can be saved during the times of low market demand by down-sizing workforce according to the requirements. 

  • Failing to Maintain Regulatory Compliance

This is a challenge that can be overcome by following and keeping up with the changes in the regulatory compliance set by the law. The mortgage companies need to train their skilled workforce to stay updated with the latest compliance rules regarding taxes, legal approvals etc. By maintaining these compliance rules and regulations, mortgage service companies can avoid delays in completing the loan approval process. 

With cutthroat competition in the mortgage market, overcoming mortgage loan processing challenges is a growing imperative for lenders. Outsourcing loan processing is the best available solution for lenders as they can overcome associated challenges without being involved with the operations directly.

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