’30 Rock’ Technically Has A Leap Day Episode!

For the occasion of Leap Day, I naturally wanted to write about TV episodes related to Leap Day. I know there is also a movie called Leap Day that I think maybe stars Amy Adams? I haven’t seen it. I didn’t even bother fact checking who is in it because I don’t care. I knew I would write about “Look Before You Leap,” an iconic Frasier episode. If you read what I wrote about it, you’ll know how highly I think of it. The only other Leap Day episode I know off the top of my head, though, is the 30 Rock episode simply called “Leap Day.”

I didn’t remember a ton about the episode. I remembered that in the bizarre 30 Rock universe Leap Day is a holiday people celebrate and there is a Santa Claus-style guy named Leap Day William who wears a blue suit and has gills and trades candy for children’s tears. I remembered all that, and that in the show there is a movie where Jim Carrey plays Leap Day William. It’s a clever bit of world building. When I read the synopsis to jog my memory, my memory definitely got a good run in. I remember two of the plots. One I like. It involves Tracy Jordan realizing he has $50,000 on a Benihana’s gift card that is expiring that day. That’s just silly and simple. The other one I remember involves some billionaire Jenna and Liz knew in college (when he wasn’t a billionaire) and he offers Liz money to have sex with him. That’s a whatever plot.

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What I can’t recall, unfortunately, is Jack’s storyline, which involves him in a dream (he ate poisonous rhubarb) where Kenneth as the spirit of Leap Day in a parody of A Christmas Carol. That seems clever, but I don’t really remember anything from it. That feels about right. I don’t feel like “Leap Day” is a particularly good episode of 30 Rock. It’s fine, but nothing special. If I’m watching Frasier, I’d throw on “Look Before You Leap” any day of the year. I’m not watching “Leap Day” unless it’s actually Leap Day, or around Leap Day. There are dozens of better episodes of 30 Rock.

It would be interesting to watch Jim Carrey’s Leap Day William movie if it was real, though. Alas, it’s not possible. Also, it turns out that movie is called Leap Year, not Leap Day. It does star Amy Adams, though. Give me credit for remembering that.

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