The Quest for Ultimate Gaming Comfort: Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs

If you’re anything like us, gaming is more than a hobby, its a way of life. Unfortunately, this lifestyle involves sitting on your derriere for hours at a time.

Remaining in an awkward position for too long can leave you feeling achy and contractured. What is the best solution for serious gamers who don’t want to sacrifice functionality for comfort?

Today we’re weighing in on the sofa vs gaming chair vs office chair debate. Are gamer chairs worth it or are you better off with a regular office chair? Read ahead to learn more.

The Gaming Chair vs Office Chair Debate

As gamers, we spend a lot of time sitting down. Whether we play sports games online, Mario, or professional Esport, it is important to be comfortable and have good posture.

Sitting on a nice, soft couch or recliner is great for watching TV or taking a nap. Although you could play games on it there is a tendency to either get too relaxed or sit up when you need to focus.

We all do it but that defeats the purpose. An office chair is practical and can provide good support an ergonomically designed gamer chair takes it to the next level.

Different Types of Gamer Seating

The world of video games is extremely diverse. Some prefer consoles while the true connoisseurs know that you can get much better frames per second on a computer.

Anyways, this diversity means that different types of chairs will suit certain gamers better than others.

Console Gaming

Consoles are hugely popular across the world. They only cost a few hundred dollars but they provide endless entertainment.

The popularity of Esports is changing the way we look at gaming. Many of us take it seriously but for others, its a career. This makes being comfortable and relaxed extremely important.

We recommend a gaming chair with footrest. Elevating the feet is good for venous return and general cardiovascular health. This will keep you gaming for years to come.

Computer Gaming

Many of us depend on our computers for work. How many of us have a designated office area in our homes?

So, it only makes sense that an office computer chair would be appropriate. However, you might want to strongly consider getting a gamer desk chair.

Who’s to say that just because you are a computer gamer, you can’t get a special chair? The added benefit is that the chair will come in handy for work as well.

Taking The Throne

It doesn’t matter that some 11-year olds just schooled you and called you a noob, you’re a king (or queen) and deserve a throne.

No matter what your level of gaming is, comfort and good posture are crucial to avoid back pain down the line. There are several benefits of a gaming chair vs office chair. It can help you take your gaming to the next level.

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