INTERVIEW: NYC singer-songwriter Nafsica

1. Hi Nafsica, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi VENTS, I’m excited to be doing this interview! Been generally good thank you for asking especially because I love releasing music and having the chance to do that in this day and age is a thrill for me!

2. Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Lately”? Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Yes, I was on a second date with my soon-to-be boyfriend and we had a couple drinks before I hit my session later that day. I was into him long before we went out so all those feelings had been simmering under the surface and alcohol helped me come to terms with my feelings. It’s my simplest song to date but I feel I said exactly what I meant and I’m happy about that. It’s one of those records I didn’t want to overthink.

3.You just released an accompanying music video – it’s full of colorful, soft light and dream-like effects – did you come up with the concept or work with a director?

It was a beautiful collaboration with my director, Jacob Carlson. I told him I wanted to same colors present in my artwork for the cover of “Lately” and emphasized I want exciting dreamy colors like pink, light blue, white, yellow. He found a beautiful location and made it come to life! I did pick my own clothes and styled myself which was a fun creative process for me!

4.What was the recording process like?

I walked in the vocal booth when I went into my session and “Lately” just poured out of me word for word. I was emotionally charged and I feel that worked in my favor. I write better when I’m emotional…  I’m sure many people have felt those feelings because the moment we conceived the concept my co-writers said “I know that feeling”. It felt good to get it out!

5.What role does NYC play in your music, and how has experiences like your performance on Broadway’s Rocktopia, influenced your own music?

NYC has been my muse since day one. She’s been kind and cruel but I love her. Being on Broadway, opening for John Legend, getting signed to my first publishing deal, meeting some of my favorite artists and getting to share the stage with Pat Monahan, Robin Zander and Dee Snider, it’s all happened here… it’s all more than I ever hoped for my self. So now I’m just enjoying every second and taking it in slower. I’m in no rush to get things done. I believe life influences the music so I’m out there living it. The smallest things can inspire me.. a cup of good coffee. I love lattes. I can talk about comedy all day long. I see NYC as this incredible place where everything in my imagination is possible. Waking up here is a blessing and it inspires me every day. The greatest inspiration for the music is realizing I’m a vessel for all these experiences to be created into art and hopefully inspire my listeners. I feel it’s my responsibility to capture the feeling of what it’s like living my life through my songs.

6. What artists have influenced your sound & musical direction?

I grew up with Celine Dion and to this day she is my queen! Her voice.. oh my God! I love big orchestras, big voiced singers who can really sing. Kim Burrell, Lisa Fischer.. I am also into Chris Brown a lot. I love his rhythm and vocal style. Charlie Puth is one of my current favorites with his production and songwriting. I like big songs, big voices and timeless catchy songs and rock, pop and r&b they have all influenced me in their way.

7.Does the new single mean we can expect more new material? If so, how’s that coming along?

I started as a songwriter so one thing is for sure, writing is always happening. I have 3 records ready to go and I’m deciding which to release next. It all depends on my mood. They are all very different so I’m excited to choose with my team. Next song will be coming in April and I can’t wait! It’s gonna be a fun uptempo one!

8.Any plans to hit the road?

I’m currently in a Rocktopia mini tour, next stop is West Palm Beach and we have shows on the 26th & 28th of March! I’m excited to go on the road with an artist I admire. Once that happens you will be the first to know! We have some exciting options and are in talks. I like the way it’s all unfolding naturally.

9.What else is happening next in Nafsica’s world?

World Domination !!!


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