Em Releases Much Anticipated Visuals For Gorgeous Single “Say What You Mean”

Soul-pop singer-songwriter Em had made a remarkable entry in the music scene with the drop of her debut single “Say What You Mean,” a month ago, followed by the release of another graceful drop entitled “Blue Light”.

 Today, she returns with the release of gorgeous visuals for “Say What You Mean,” offering her fans a glimpse of her life, as the music video captures Em alone in her house, sometimes in bed, and sometimes just walking around the house. Although the lack of a clear scenario could seem to be a lack sometimes, quite the opposite phenomenon is produced. 

“Say What You Mean” sees Em almost send an ultimatum to her partner, by talking about honesty and the essential role it plays for the success of a relationship in the long run.

Since Em is seen alone in the music video, the message she is sending in the song is taking a whole other dimension, as we understand that she might have decided to separate from her partner because of this lack of sincerity and honesty.  

The visuals beautifully capture her in an introspective mode, spreading an unusual serene vibe throughout the moving song. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9gHXJCV5Dc]

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